5 Pet-Friendly Cabins in Estes Park (+ Insider Tips)

Pep Dekker

Pet-Friendly Cabins in Estes Park

Are you planning a trip to Estes Park and plan on bringing your pet along? 

If so, there is one important factor you need to take into consideration: pet-friendly accommodation!

Unfortunately, not every establishment allows your furry friend to join you – that’s where I come in.

Don’t waste time scouring the internet for pet-friendly accommodation in Estes Park, because you can get all the information you need right here. 

As an Estes Park local, I’ve got the inside scoop on all of the best pet-friendly cabins in the area that will be perfect for your trip! I’ll be taking a look at: 

  • Features to look for in a pet-friendly cabin
  • Top Pet-Friendly Cabins in Estes Park
  • Tips for traveling with pets to Estes Park.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into it! 

Features to look for in a pet-friendly cabin

pet-friendly cabin

When choosing a pet-friendly cabin, there are a few different factors to keep an eye out for that will ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible – both for you and your pooch!

Let’s take a look at some of my top green flags when it comes to pet-friendly cabins:

Fenced Outdoor Space

 If you are bringing a pet on your trip to Estes Park (particularly if you are planning on bringing a dog), chances are they are going to want to run around and get some fresh air. 

In order to ensure that your pet gets sufficient exercise during your getaway, I would recommend booking a cabin that has a fair amount of fenced outdoor space. 

Many pet-friendly cabins and vacation rentals in Estes Park will display on their website whether they have a fenced outdoor place available for your furry friend to run around in.

If not, you can always give them a call before booking to check! 

Pet-Friendly Trails Or Nearby Parks

Another factor to look out for when it comes to entertainment and exercise for both you and your pet is nearby parks and pet-friendly hiking trails!

Estes Park is a notoriously pet-friendly town, but it is still important to check that the parks and trails that you plan on visiting are in fact pet friendly. 

There are a few areas within parks and hiking trails that do not allow pets due to the native plants and wildlife in the area that need to be protected. 

There are some websites that allow you to check which hiking trails in Estes Park are dog or pet-friendly

Pet-Friendly Policies And Fees

One of the most important things that you should be checking before booking your accommodation for you and your pet in Estes Park is the pet policy!

While you of course want to ensure that the policy clearly states that they allow pets, it is also important to check any terms and conditions. 

There may be limits regarding what type of pets you can bring, or the number that are allowed to stay. 

Many places also include a pet fee – and while it is unlikely to be a steep fee, nobody likes being hit with unexpected costs!

It is a good idea to double-check the pet policy; I recommend also giving them a call to ensure that the policy is still up to date. 

Nearby Veterinary Services

While we hate to assume the worst (especially when it comes to planning a relaxing getaway), the truth of the matter is bad luck can strike at any moment!

If you are bringing your pet with you on vacation, it is important to identify the local veterinary services. 

Should anything happen to your pet, you want to know exactly what to do. 

Mapping out the closest veterinary service in relation to your accommodation will likely help put your mind at ease and will be a huge help in the event of an emergency! 

Securely Enclosed Balconies Or Decks

If your chosen cabin or rental has a deck or balcony, you may want to double-check that it is securely enclosed. 

Sometimes, this will be disclosed on the website, but other times it will not and you may have to give them a call! 

The last thing you want is an accident caused by an overexcited pet running through the cabin and an unsecured balcony with no railing. 

Double-checking the state of any balconies or decks on the property will give you an idea of what to expect and can often influence your booking decisions. 

Pet-Friendly Furniture

You don’t want to walk into a cabin with your excited pet only to see delicate white couches – especially if there is a hefty cleaning fee!

This can be avoided by checking out the cabins beforehand via the booking website and ensuring that they have pet-friendly furniture. 

This can be done by either checking out the pictures of the cabin’s interior online or giving the company a call and asking about the furniture. Trust me – you’ll be glad you did. 

Waste Disposal Stations On The Property

Another factor to consider when traveling with pets that often gets overlooked is locating the waste disposal stations. 

It is not always as clear and straightforward as you may think – and you definitely don’t want to be disposing of any pet waste in your kitchen bin! 

Either contacting the property and enquiring about waste disposal beforehand or doing some investigation beforehand is a good way to familiarize yourself with the location of the disposal stations. 

Proximity To Pet-Friendly Attractions

Estes Park is full of pet-friendly attractions; parks, hiking trails, and pet-friendly cafés abound. 

The only question is: how close are you to these attractions? Once you have located a cabin that you are interested in booking, it is a good idea to scope out the pet-friendly activities in the area. 

This will help to keep your vacation running smoothly and keep your pet active and entertained!

Whether or not your accommodation is near any pet-friendly attractions may also help you decide whether you want to book it or look at a better-suited location. 

Easily Accessible Outdoor Water Bowls

You don’t want your pet to get thirsty only to find that you have absolutely no way of giving them water!

Most pet-friendly cabins and rentals will have outdoor water bowls on-site, ready for use. 

It is handy to check that your accommodation not only has outdoor water bowls but that you know the location of them. 

This is a small detail and therefore is not often included in the description of cabins and rentals on booking websites. 

A quick phone call can help you figure out the water bowl situation at your chosen accommodation!

These are just a few general factors to keep in mind when searching for a pet-friendly cabin. If you or your pet need any specific accommodations, it is also important to take these into account before traveling! 

Top Pet-Friendly Cabins in Estes Park 

Now, let’s get down to business: what are the best pet-friendly cabins in Estes Park? 

There are a few different options that I believe are great picks for those wanting a comfortable, affordable location that will allow them to bring their pet along.

1. Triple R Cottage 

  • Location: 1000 Riverside Dr, Estes Park, CO 80517, United States (OPEN IN GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Phone Number: 970-586-3708
  • Price Range: $100-$200/day 
  • Pet Fee: $15 per dog/per night
  • Perfect For: A cozy atmosphere 
  • Other Amenities: Kitchenette, bathroom, cable TV, DVD player, and gas grill.

If you’re on the hunt for a cozy, rustic cabin experience, the Triple R Cottages have what you’re looking for!

These cabins vary from two-person cottages to spacious eight-person cabins with hot tubs. 

Located near the Rocky Mountains, these cabins have stunning views – and all of them are dog-friendly! 

One thing to keep in mind is that these cabins are dog-friendly only, meaning no other pets are permitted to stay. 

You can check out the range of dog-friendly cabins on their website. Their wide range of amenities and prime location make these cabins one of my top picks for pet-friendly accommodation. 

2. Timber Creek Chalets

  • Location: 2115 Fall River Rd, Estes Park, CO 80517, United States (OPEN IN GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Phone Number: 970-586-8803
  • Price Range: $110-$230/day 
  • Pet Fee: $15 per dog/per night
  • Perfect For: Nature lovers 
  • Other Amenities: Kitchenettes, fireplaces, and gas grill

The cabins available at Timber Creek Chalets are ideal for trips with your pet, as you can enjoy wide open spaces and hiking trails right at your door. 

If you plan on taking your dog on frequent walks and mountain adventures, then these are definitely the cabins for you! 

There is space for rest and relaxation too, with an outdoor heated swimming pool and recreation room on-site. 

There are many different cabins to choose from, with some even including hot tubs!

Keep in mind that these cabins are managed by the same company as Triple R Cottages, meaning they also only allow dogs – no other pets.

3. Sunnyside Knoll 

  • Location: 1675 Fall River Rd, Estes Park, CO 80517, United States (OPEN IN GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Phone Number: 970-586-5759
  • Price Range: $105-$200/day
  • Pet Fee: $15 per dog/per night
  • Perfect For: Wildlife lovers 
  • Other Amenities: Kitchen, fireplace, gas grill, and free Wi-Fi.

These cozy cabins are located just three minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park, meaning it is perfect if you want to take a few walks in the park with your pooch!

There is also stunning scenery surrounding these cabins – and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the local wildlife! You can expect to see elk and bighorn sheep roaming nearby. 

Many of these cabins contain hot tubs and spacious outdoor seating areas, making it the perfect location for a relaxing getaway. 

If you want to spend some time out in nature, then these cabins may just be the best pick for you!

The spacious outdoor areas also make these cabins perfect for pets, providing them with ample space to run around and explore. 

4. Lazy R Cottages 

  • Location: 891 Moraine Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517, United States (OPEN IN GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Phone Number: 970-586-3708
  • Price Range: $120-$225/day 
  • Pet Fee: $15 per dog/per night
  • Perfect For: Family vacations 
  • Other Amenities: Kitchenette, fireplace, deck, hot hub (cabin dependant)

Lazy R Cottages offer a variety of accommodation options ranging from one to three bedrooms. 

These cabins are nestled below the stunning mountains of Colorado and offer a range of incredible amenities such as fireplaces and hot tubs that will make your stay as relaxing as possible! 

This location is a great pick for those wanting to bring their dog along for the journey, as it is just a short trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and other outdoor activities. 

This is also a great accommodation option for family trips, as there are larger cabins available that can host large groups of people. 

5. Estes Park Cabin and Vacation Rentals by Vacasa 

  • Location: Cabin dependent (OPEN IN GOOGLE MAPS)
  • Phone Number: Cabin dependent
  • Price Range: $180-$360/night 
  • Pet Fee: Cabin dependent
  • Perfect For: Wide variety 
  • Other Amenities: Cabin dependent

While this one isn’t a singular location, it is still a great way to find pet-friendly accommodation in the Estes Park area. 

Vacasa has a handy filter option that allows you to narrow your search down to only show you pet-friendly cabins and rentals in your selected destination area. 

This website hosts a wide range of accommodation options that are comfortable, affordable – and most importantly – pet-friendly! 

You can browse the options and select the cabin that best suits your personal preferences and needs. 

Tips for traveling with pets to Estes Park

If you’re planning on traveling to Estes Park with your pet, then you’re going to want the trip to go as smoothly as possible. 

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! 

Let’s go ahead and take a look at my top tips for traveling with pets to Estes Park which will hopefully make your journey a bit less stressful and a whole lot more fun. 

1. Book early, especially if you are traveling during peak season

While there may be a decent amount of pet-friendly cabins in Estes Park, that doesn’t mean that they are all available year-round!

During peak seasons, accommodation can be booked up quickly – and pet-friendly accommodation is no exception. 

It is a good idea to try and book your accommodation as early as possible to ensure that you are able to secure a pet-friendly cabin before it is snatched up. 

Not only that, but booking early makes the whole planning process much less stressful. You may even qualify for some early bird booking deals! 

2. Be sure to ask about the pet policy before booking

While most cabins and vacation rentals in Estes Park explicitly state whether they do or do not allow pets, it is still a good idea to call beforehand to ensure that no policies have changed. 

It is also wise to call before booking if you have questions regarding the pet policy, such as whether certain pets are exempt from it. 

Calling and double-checking the pet policy before booking can prevent major disasters, such as showing up to your cabin only to find out that your pet won’t be able to stay! 

3. Bring your pet’s vaccination records and any other required documentation.

Some areas and cabins will require certain documentation regarding your pet, so be sure to check this before your trip and bring along the required records and documents!

Your pet’s vaccination records are often a must, but there are several other documents that you may need to have on hand. 

This is also useful should any issue arise during your stay that requires you to take your pet to a local vet. 

Having all of their documentation and information on hand will ease your mind and make the process much easier. 

4. Be prepared to clean up after your pet

While many places will allow you to bring your pet with you, that does not mean that they will clean up after it!

Be prepared to clean up after your pet – and should they cause any lasting mess or damage, keep in mind that a cleaning fee is likely to apply. 

While a vacation should be all about relaxation, it is still important to show respect to the owners and future guests of your cabin by keeping it clean and damage-free. 

5. Enjoy your stay in Estes Park!

Estes Park is a truly wonderful little spot full of stunning views, local wildlife, and a friendly community. 

Not only are you sure to enjoy your visit, but the pet-friendly nature of this town means that your pet is bound to have an excellent time exploring, playing, and relaxing! 

While it is true that planning a trip can be stressful, don’t forget to enjoy yourself

Immerse yourself in nature and the local community, and enjoy your stay (and treasured time spent with your pet) in this gorgeous little town!


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