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Frequently Asked Questions about Group Trips to Estes Park

Are Airbnbs really cheaper for large groups?
In short, No. The best deals lately are with hotels and lodges that can accommodate large parties. Coordinating everything across multiple Airbnb is difficult for hosts and property mangers. Which means the fees are higher.
What are the top 3 biggest hotels in Estes Park?
The 3 biggest hotels in Estes Park, CO are the Ridgeline hotel, managed by Deleware North, which can sleep +400 guests a night. The Stanley Hotel can accommodate well over 500 people a night. Lastly, the YMCA of the Rockies, the largest YMCA campus in the US can accommodate a few thousand guests at any given time.
What are the best group activities?
Guided tours in Rocky Mountain National Park are always on the top of everyone’s group activity list. Green jeep tours provide a wonderful experience. Second, you have to explore the adventure park and ride-a Cart. roller coasters, beer, mini-golf, and go-cart track. Fun for the whole family.


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