Whiskey Warm Up

George Hix Riverside Plaza 111 E Riverside Dr, Estes Park, CO, United States

Welcome to the Whiskey Warm Up, an immersive celebration of Colorado's finest whiskey craftsmanship! Presented by Elkins Whisky, this annual gathering brings together over 20 distinguished distilleries, offering a tantalizing array of spirits to savor. As you explore the picturesque George Hix Riverside Plaza, indulge in live music, peruse local vendors' offerings, and relish delectable pairings from food trucks.

Elevate your experience by sampling from our commemorative tasting glass, discovering distinct flavors, and finding that perfect bottle to bring home. With limited tickets and a history of selling out fast, secure your spot for this cherished tradition of warmth, community, and exceptional whiskey appreciation.

Join us and be a part of this spirited occasion where each sip unveils the essence of Colorado's liquid artistry. Don't miss out on this annual journey into the heart of whiskey excellence!