8 Best Vacation Rentals in Estes Park (+Insider Tips)

Pep Dekker

Best Vacation Rentals in Estes Park

Estes Park, Colorado is a breathtakingly scenic location that is often visited by vacationers. 

As Estes Park is situated right beside the Rocky Mountains, there is truly no better place to enjoy nature scenes, outdoor activities, wildlife sightings, local cuisine, and pure relaxation. In fact, Estes Park is known as “the gateway to the Rockies”!

If you’re thinking about vacationing in the Rocky Mountain area, there are many terrific rental options to consider in Estes Park. 

Whether you’re looking for a couples retreat, a family event, or a solo trip through evergreen forests, Estes Park vacation rentals can provide. 

So, in this article, we’ll explore 8 handpicked vacation rental options in Estes Park. For each property, we’ll give you contact details, amenities, price range, and more. 

You’ll definitely feel ready to book your next vacation rental in Estes Park. Let’s begin!

Top Vacation Rentals in Estes Park

Vacation rentals are usually apartments, villas, or houses that are furnished and ready to be temporarily lived in by those vacationing in an area. 

Estes Park is home to many wonderful vacation rentals of various price points, capacities, and locations. Take a look!

1. Mountain Village at Lake Estes

Mountain Village at Lake Estes

  • Location: 1700 Colorado Peaks Drive, Estes Park, 80517 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 970-473-5735
  • Price range: $400/day (not including on-site amenities) 
  • Capacity: single family or four adults
  • Amenities: jacuzzi, outdoor patio, washer & dryer, smart TV, fireplace, on-site restaurant, on-site wellness spa 
  • Nearby activities: Lily Lake, fishing, paddle boarding, Estes Park village
  • Pet-friendly: yes
  • Parking?: on-site

Mountain Village at Lake Estes is a luxurious log cabin living at its finest. 

At this location, you’ll find 30 rentable single-family log cabins that are ready to be the oasis for your next getaway. Just look at those views! 

If you’re after a luxury cabin experience, Mountain Village cabins all include a 25-foot tall stone fireplace with a 56-inch smart TV. Did someone say ‘movie night’?

Each cabin comes with two master bedrooms and 2.5 master baths, with a large kitchen and living spaces to socialize in. 

From the on-site spa and jacuzzi to the expansive outdoor space, you and your family can be assured that relaxation is guaranteed. 

Additionally, The Dunraven – a well-renowned restaurant – happens to be right at your doorstep when you rent with Mountain Village!

2. SkyRun Estes Park Colorado

SkyRun Estes Park Colorado

  • Location: Estes Park (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 970-235-5550
  • Price range: $100/day-$1000/day
  • Capacity: varies
  • Amenities: varies

SkyRun Estes Park Colorado is a large database of vacation rentals in Estes Park that can suit all groups or solo travelers. 

On this website, you can view a map of available rentals and sort by price, location, and more, depending on the activities that you wish to do or your budget. 

Many of the properties with SkyRun Estes Park have a flexible cancellation policy. 

Whether you’re after a historical log cabin or a glamping experience, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for on the SkyRun Estes Park website. 

3. Lazy R Cottages – Lodge

Lazy R Cottages - Lodge

  • Location: 891 Moraine Avenue, Estes Park. 80517 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 970-586-3708
  • Price range: $125-$225/day
  • Capacity: 3-10 adults
  • Amenities: hot tub, fireplace, outdoor seating, parking
  • Nearby activities: Rocky Mountain trails, Estes Park Village
  • Pet-friendly: yes, $15/day
  • Parking?: yes

Who doesn’t love to be a little lazy on vacation? The Lazy R Cottages are aptly named as they present the perfect opportunity to relax in natural scenery. 

If you’re interested in a romantic getaway, these cabins are perfect – as they’re equipped with hot tubs. 

When you’re ready to explore, Rocky Mountain National Park is a mere 1-mile distance from the Lazy R Cottages. 

The location of these cabins, along with some pretty nice amenities, renders them a solid choice for your next escape to Estes Park.

4. Timber Creek Chalets

Timber Creek Chalets

  • Location: 2115 Fall River Rd, Estes Park, 80517 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 970-586-8803
  • Price range: $110-$230
  • Capacity: 2-8
  • Amenities: swimming pool, children welcome, internet, fireplace, accessible
  • Nearby activities: Rocky Mountain trails, Estes Park Village
  • Pet-friendly: yes
  • Parking?: yes

Timber Creek Chalets offers charming cabins with a lot to offer: kitchens, fireplaces, and comfortable beds!

Rocky Mountain National Park is just a couple of miles away from these cabins, which is great for those of you who are looking to hike and explore on your vacation. 

While you’re there, take advantage of the outdoor heated swimming pool or the recreation room for socializing and relaxing. You can even bring your family dog!

5. Solitude Cabins-Estes Park Cabins

Solitude Cabins-Estes Park Cabins

  • Location: 1885 Sketch Box Lane, Estes Park, 80517 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 970-577-7777
  • Price range: $500/day
  • Capacity: 6
  • Amenities: washer & dryer, gas fireplace, patio space, housekeeping, flatscreen, high-speed internet
  • Nearby activities: Lake Estes, Estes Park 18-Hole Golf Course, Estes Park Memorial Observatory
  • Pet-friendly: no
  • Parking?: yes

Are you looking for peace and quiet on your next vacation? 

That is exactly what Solitude Cabins-Estes Park promises: a tranquil getaway in the mountains and the heart of Estes Park, Colorado!

This vacation rental offers a full kitchen, gas fireplace, washer & dryer, and 2 master suites. 

The Solitude Cabins are perfect for a romantic getaway or families with older children. 

Each cabin is spaced well from the next, which allows for ample privacy and the feeling of total relaxation. 

As these rentals are also close to many fun activities, you’ll be able to go out and stay in as wanted. 

6. Estes Park Cabin and Vacation Rentals by Vacasa 

Estes Park Cabin and Vacation Rentals by Vacasa 

  • Location: 333 E Wonderview Ave #9665, Estes Park, 80517 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 855-861-5757
  • Price range: $100-$500/night
  • Capacity: all
  • Amenities: varies
  • Nearby activities: varies
  • Pet-friendly: varies
  • Parking?: varies

Another website to peruse all available Estes Park vacation rentals on would have to be Vacasa

Vacasa offers a number of rentals at various price points and locations, for families and couples alike. 

Choose from over 50 vacation rentals currently on the website and explore the magic of the Rocky Mountains!

7. Tiny Town Cabins

Tiny Town Cabins

  • Location: 830 Moraine Avenue, Estes Park, 80517 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 800-344-3256
  • Price range: $200/day
  • Capacity: 2-6
  • Amenities: wood-burning fireplace, picnic tables, charcoal grill, high-speed internet, dog-friendly cabins
  • Nearby activities: Estes Park Village, Rocky Mountain National Park, Meadow Mini Golf
  • Pet-friendly: some cabins, $50/dog
  • Parking?: on-site

Tiny Town Cabins are perfect for small families with even smaller children. Each cabin is named endearingly with a phrase or aspect of nature that is found in the Rocky Mountains.

For example, one cabin is named “Pine Cone” – how cute!

Tiny Towns has captured the ideal blend between historical and modern, as all cabins are equipped with contemporary applicants and an old-fashioned aesthetic. 

All cabins are non-smoking and only some cabins allow pets, so make sure to check in with a property manager before choosing a cabin!

8. Brynwood on the River

Brynwood on the River

  • Location: 710 Moraine Avenue, Estes Park, 80517 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: 970-586-3475
  • Price range: $60-$200/day
  • Capacity: 2-8
  • Amenities: cable TV, dining area, Wi-Fi, DVD player, coffee maker, small refrigerator
  • Nearby activities: Big Thompson River, Rocky Mountain National Park, Moraine Park
  • Pet-friendly: no
  • Parking?: yes

If comfy beds, great service, and even better prices are what you’re after, Brynwood on the River may be the best vacation rental location for you. 

Brynwood on the River is just minutes from central Estes Park, where all of the restaurants and social events of the area are. 

Brynwood on the River offers several cabin options, such as a nostalgic-themed cabin or a tranquil river cabin. 

Regardless, these cabins are both spacious and comfortable, yet friendly to all budgets wanting to visit Estes Park. If you book now, they’re offering a third night free until May 2024!

Insider Tips for a Memorable Stay

Looking to make some lifelong memories during your stay in Estes Park? 

Once you have decided on a vacation rental, check out these insider tips for staying in Estes Park and making the most of your picturesque vacation with friends and family. 

Booking Vacation Rentals

When you book your next vacation rental, consider the needs and wants of you and your party. Make sure that the property is big enough for everyone while remaining within everyone’s budget. 

Also, it’s always a good idea to ask everyone for their opinion on the rental that you’re considering! Having extra eyes on the property can give you insights that you may have missed. 

Lastly, your vacation rental should be secured well in advance of your actual vacation to avoid delays or hiccups. It is advisable to book your trip for 1-2 months after obtaining your vacation rental. 

Booking Activities

As with booking a vacation rental, it is always wise to book activities well in advance of your trip, especially those that are notorious for having long lines or little availability. 

Once you have booked an activity, put the date and time into your calendar to make sure that activities don’t overlap and that you remember all of your bookings for your vacation. 

Must-try Local Restaurants

Within Estes Park, there are some delicious hidden gems that we couldn’t resist telling you about. 

For starters, Bird & Jim is an essential stop when in Estes Park, offering locally sourced meats and produce and comfort mountain meals. 

Another delicious restaurant is Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ, where you can find well-cooked, pit-style meats and tasty sharing plates. Remember, there are many great restaurants in Estes Park, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try some mountain-inspired cuisine!

General Tips

While you’re vacationing, make sure to keep up with housekeeping tasks and other rental-related activities so that you can avoid a big cleanup on the last day. 

Also, use all of the facilities available to you (such as a hot tub or picnic area) to make the most of your rental!

As a general rule, remain respectful of the rental space and contact the owner if you’re unsure about anything related to the property.

Additionally, while in the Rocky Mountains or during a venture into nature, make sure to distance yourself from wildlife. Happy vacationing in Estes Park, Colorado!


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