Discover the Best Hot Springs Near Estes Park

Pep Dekker

Discover the Best Hot Springs Near Estes Park

Hot Springs are the perfect way to unwind your body and soul!  

Whether it’s after a long day of hiking or to warm up after skiing, Estes Park boasts several spectacular natural hot springs for you to relax in. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best hot springs you’ll find near Estes Park. 

We’ll talk about:

  • What’s so special about each spring
  • How far away they are from the park
  • The best accommodation options near the park to help you access these hot springs. 

Whether you’re solo traveling around Colorado, going away for a romantic weekend, or taking the kids fishing, Estes Park is the perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike who also love a therapeutic soak. 

So without delay, let’s get the best hot springs you’ll find close to Estes Park!

Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs
Source: Steamboat Springs

At a glance:

  • Location: Northwest Colorado (Open in Google Maps)
  • Distance from Estes Park: 157 miles, usually taking around 3 hours and 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Highlights: Skiing and outdoor recreation, natural hot springs, botanical gardens
  • Best for: Winter sports enthusiasts who love skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sporting activities.
  • Tips: If you’re planning on visiting in winter, be prepared for cold temperatures and snowy conditions. In winter, the spring’s most popular activities like skiing and hot springs can get busy so it’s always best to make reservations.

Steamboat Springs, around a 3-and-a-half-hour drive from Estes Park, is renowned for its winter sports. 

The resort town is well known for its perfect skiing conditions and boasts champagne snow that attracts skiers and snowboarders each year! 

It’s also a great place for families as their ski resort offers runs for all levels. 

If you’re planning your visit in the spring or summer (or maybe are just looking to take a break from skiing), the spring’s Yampa River Botanic Park is a great place to visit and unwind in nature. 

The Yampa River Botanic Park is rich with walking trails, sculptures, and a fragrant display of flowers year-round. It is also a popular destination for runners to explore. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind on your off days, the downtown Steamboat Spring area has a wide selection of charming boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants for you to explore. 

The downtown area is a great show of the community’s spirit, and you’ll find various cultural events, and festivals throughout the year!

It’s here where you’ll also find the Old Town Hot Springs which offer family-friendly hot springs experiences with multiple pools and water slides for you to enjoy. 

When planning a trip to Steamboat Springs, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

The first thing is the weather. Steamboat Springs’ winter weather is particularly cold, which is great for skiers and snowboarders. 

However, this means you’ll have to pack extra layers for the days you roam the gardens or if you’re planning to visit downtown! Make sure to also pack a waterproof layer. 

Before you book your trip away, make sure to always take a look at the town’s event calendar so you can make the most of any festivals and other events the town is hosting. 

Lastly, do not forget to book accommodation and ski passes well in advance, as Steamboat Springs is one of the most popular hot springs near Estes Park!

Hot Sulfur Springs

Hot Sulfur Springs
Source: Hot Sulfur Springs

At a glance:

  • Location: Close to the Rocky Mountain National Park, about 20 miles west of the Kawuneeche Visitor Center (Open in Google Maps)
  • Distance from Estes Park: 136 miles, about a 3-hour drive depending on traffic conditions 
  • Highlights: Fully natural, mineral water flowing through numerous pools, with resorts open 365 days a year 
  • Best for: Those looking to relax in the natural hot pools
  • Tips: Book a lodge to enjoy the hot spring spas for a couple of days in winter to warm up!

The Hot Sulfur Springs are a great location to visit after a weekend of skiing to unwind and relax. 

There are 24 pools in total, all filled with naturally hot spring water. The hot spring water is an incredible source of minerals and will leave your hair and skin nourished. 

Being rich in sodium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, a soak in these waters will make the weight lift right off your shoulders! 

It is important to note that if you’re traveling with children under the age of 12, they’ll have to stick to four pools. 

This also means that most of the pools are only open to adults – helping to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. 

There are numerous resorts and spas in the area which offer massages, as well as lodges to stay at. 

If you’re planning on staying for the weekend, you can simply walk in; however, it can be best to make a booking for the lodge if you’re planning on staying on-site!

Eldorado Springs Pool

Eldorado Springs Pool
Source: Eldorado Springs Pool

At a glance:

  • Location: 294 Artesian Dr, Eldorado Springs, (Open in Google Maps)
  • Distance from Estes Park: 57 miles, about a 1.5 to 2 hours drive depending on traffic conditions 
  • Highlights: Naturally geothermal heated spring water with views of the Rocky Mountain 
  • Best for: People looking for a naturally mineral-rich hot pool close to the Rocky Mountain 
  • Tips: The pool is not always open year-round, they usually open from late spring to early fall, check opening times before visiting

The Eldorado Spring Pool is one of the most popular natural hot pools located near Estes Park!

Known for its mineral-rich water, it is a great option for people visiting the Eldorado Canyon State Park.

The pool has been undergoing renovations and will be fully up-to-date as of mid-2024. 

The Woolly Bugger Inn

Eldorado Springs Pool
Source: The Woolly Bugger Inn

At a glance:

  • Location: 37 Dripping Springs Lane (Open in Google Maps)
  • Distance from Estes Park: 4 miles, less than a 10-minute drive away 
  • Highlights: Cozy, rustic-style cabins right on the park’s edge and exclusive access to the Big Thompson River for trout fishing 
  • Best for: Couples looking for a rustic retreat or keen fishers 
  • Tips: Make sure your Colorado fishing license is up-to-date before you stay at the Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger Inn is an excellent accommodation choice for those looking to stay right on the edge of Estes Park!

Their rustic accommodation includes cabins and tiny homes, which range in size and price to accommodate all needs. 

Most of their cabins are equipped with hot tubs, which is the perfect treat in winter months. You’ll also have access to fire pits and the best fishing spots in the park! 

The Wooly Bugger has a private quote-mile stretch of lake on the Big Thompson River, which you’ll have exclusive access to as a guest of theirs. 

Here, you’ll enjoy great fly and spin fishing all year round,  and guests will often catch rainbow, cutthroat, and brown trout. Before you fish, it is important to make sure you have a Colorado fishing license. 

These cabins get booked out fast, especially in the park’s peak seasons (June to August)! 

As such, it’s best to make a booking early, to ensure you aren’t disappointed. Traveling with a furry friend? The cabins allow dogs to stay with their owners so your pets don’t have to miss out on any of the fun! 

Boulder Brook on Fall River

Eldorado Springs Pool
Source: Boulder Brook on Fall River

At a glance:

  • Location: 1900 Fall River Road (Open in Google Maps)
  • Distance from Estes Park: 2 miles, only a 5-minute drive 
  • Highlights: Rustic cabins right on the Fall River 
  • Best for: Singles or couples looking for a romantic getaway, or keen fishers
  • Tips: If you’re planning to fish make sure you have your Colorado fishing license, and bring some BBQ meat – the cabins have their own BBQs!

Boulder Brook on Fall River offers some of the most diverse accommodation options near Estes Park! 

Their wide range of options cater to people looking for a peaceful retreat close to nature, with convenient access to the various outdoor activities and attractions Estes Park has to offer. 

If you’re looking to create a romantic getaway with that special someone, their spa suites offer the perfect option for couples. 

Their spa suites include private riverfront decks and two-person jetted tubs. Traveling solo? Their one-bedroom suits allow you to relax beside the fireplace and cozy up in a king bed. 

Staying at Boulder Brook puts you in proximity to outdoor activities. Their lodges can get visitors including elk, deer, bighorn sheep, and fox, meaning you don’t need to go far for wildlife viewing!

The cabins are also right by the river, allowing you to fly fish with ease. Fishing on the Fall River is a popular activity and allows you to catch numerous types of trout right from your doorstep; just make sure you have your Colorado fishing license! 

Wildwood Inn

At a glance:

  • Location: Less than 1 mile from Rocky Mountain National Park (Open in Google Maps)
  • Distance from Estes Park: 3 miles, less than a 10-minute drive away from the park 
  • Highlights: Location- right by the Rocky Mountain National Park, perfect for hikers. 
  • Best for: Nature enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking. 
  • Tips: When booking, put in your preferences for hot tubs, BBQs, etc. to perfectly match your preferences. 

The Wildwood Inn is a great accommodation option for those looking for a private escape. 

The business owns 7 acres of private mountainside land, making it an attractive space for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park in peak seasons or those looking for a romantic getaway with a little more privacy! Their rooms can cater for up to 10 people. 

The Wildwood Inn is fully equipped with a playground, hot tubs, and even has a day spa and sauna for you to use.

When you book, you can choose your preferences for various amenities such as hot tubs, BBQs, and fireplaces to curate your room experience. 

The Wildwood Inn is a popular option for golfers, as the rooms are close to an  18-hole golf course. 

Their proximity to the mountain and river makes this a great accommodation option for those looking to hike around the park and explore!

There are also options for horseback riding as well as star gazing at night, making it perfect for those nature lovers looking to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty of the park.

Radium Hot Spring

Source: Radium Hot Spring

At a glance:

  • Location: Kremmling (Open in Google Maps)
  • Distance from Estes Park: 155 miles, or a 3 hour 30-minute drive depending on traffic conditions. 
  • Highlights: Perfect warm water, ideal for swimming (and free of charge)
  • Best for: People who are confident with short, but somewhat steep hikes
  • Tips: Bring sturdy footwear for the walk to the pool 

If you’re an adventure lover who’s not one to shy away from some hiking, the Radium Hot Spring is a great treat at the end of a somewhat challenging walk! 

Located on the banks of the Colorado River, the Radium Hot Springs is actually a natural warm spring pool. 

If you’re like me and find hot pools a little too hot at times, you’ll love the Radium Hot Spring. 

The hot water combines with the cool river water to create a nice warm pool. However, be careful in spring as sometimes the cool river water can fully wash away the warmth of the underlying hot currents!

The water is uniquely odorless, making it the preferred hot spring for people who do not like the mineral smells of other hot springs in the area. 

It is important to note that you cannot park along Radium Road, and you’ll instead have to walk from Warm Springs Road. 

Want to spice things up a bit? The faster route is actually on the river, either via a raft or kayak!


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