Estes Park Bed and Breakfasts (My 5 Favorite Places)

Pep Dekker

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Are you a fan of going on vacation and waking up to a piping-hot, deliciously-cooked breakfast?

(Who isn’t…?)

In this article, we will delve into my favorite Estes Park Bed and Breakfasts! 

Estes Park is renowned for its lovely alpine scenery and unique tourist experiences. 

After a big day of exploring the lakes, foothills, and lively Main Street, you’ll definitely appreciate coming home to a comfortable couch and super soft duvet. 

If you are considering a visit to Estes Park for your next getaway, choosing one of the many unique and beautiful bed and breakfast options here will make your trip one to remember!

There are family options as well as adult/couples-only options for you to explore in this list. For your convenience, I have made sure to cover all the essentials for each location.

This post will cover: 

  • General features and amenities of Estes Park Bed and Breakfasts
  • Why Estes Park offers some of the best accommodation around
  • The top-rated bed and breakfasts and essential information such as location, contact details, price range, and amenities
  • What each Bed and Breakfast is best for, and nearby attractions and benefits.

Let’s get started!

Overview of Estes Park Bed and Breakfast

Overview  of Estes Park Bed and Breakfasts

To start our tour through Estes Park accommodation, let’s first look at the general features of Bed and Breakfasts here! 

One of the best features of Estes Park Bed and Breakfasts as opposed to motel accommodation or other lodging options are the uniquely decorated rooms.

Your rooms will tend to feel more homely, and those that nestle into the mountain areas will be extra cozy. This can include reading nooks for snow days, fireplaces, and family living areas. 

The creative energy of the area often results in themed decor in B’n’Bs! 

As for hospitality, the service is more personalized and attentive at Bed and Breakfasts. There are fewer guests at B’n’B’s, so you will get to know your host better and receive more personal attention. 

Breakfast is hard to look past when considering a bed and breakfast; after all, it’s half of the deal! 

Complimentary breakfast is served each morning at B’n’Bs. The Estes Park community is very collaborative: you’ll likely enjoy locally sourced specialties or homemade treats for your morning meal.

If you have dietary requirements, most hosts will be able to accommodate this with advanced notice. Amenities vary with your choice, but this often includes: 

  • Complimentary soaps, shampoos and other toiletries
  • Parking areas for guests 
  • Towels, slippers, and bathrobes 
  • Televisions or Smart Televisions in some cases 
  • Free WiFi(guests only).

Top-Rated Bed and Breakfasts in Estes Park 

Let’s get into my top recommendations for Estes Park Bed and Breakfasts! 

The best options for you could depend on the aesthetics, location, amenities, or price range. The “At a Glance” section for each listing will make it easy to review each option!

1. Della Terra Mountain Chateau 

  • Location: The Della Terra Chateau is located at 3501 Fall River Road, which places you amidst the Rocky Mountains (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: +1 970-586-2501
  • Price Range: $255 – 285 a night
  • Parking: Each chateau cabin has one parking space conveniently near the front door. 
  • Amenities:
    • Parking 
    • Wifi
    • Walk through, jetted showers
    • Private balconies
    • Shuttle service (complimentary)
    • Hot breakfast (7:30am – 9:30am)
    • Room service including bar service
    • Suite phones
  • Reservations: Follow this link to ask further questions or to ask about booking a reservation. 
  • Website:
  • Our Rating: 4.8

I rate this Bed and Breakfast so highly for its scenic properties! 

If you want to feel like you are breathing in the picturesque Estes Park surroundings to maximum potential, it just makes sense to stay somewhere nestled into a private nook of the mountains. 

At the Della Terra Mountain Chateau, you get to enjoy a mixture of views and luxury! If you are headed away on a special occasion, it’s definitely worth making your memories here. 

More about the Della Terra Mountain Chateau

The Della Terra Mountain Chateau offers a classic experience for guests; you might feel like you are stepping back in time to a simpler, more romantic era! 

This is the intention, as the family who owns the chateau has prioritized their vision of a ‘romantic, old-world’ design. 

The rooms have sitting nooks, fireplaces, and even hot tubs out on the balconies! Each room is themed and laid out differently – be sure to check out all the options here

If you choose to stay at Della Terra, Rocky Mountain National Park is nearby, and you are also only a short drive from the Chasm Falls attractions. 

There aren’t any nearby public transport options, but its proximity to the adventure attractions of Estes Park makes the Della Terra Mountain Chateau a great Bed and Breakfast option for sightseeing. 

There is a free shuttle service into town that gives travelers a chance to hop off at over 50 stops around the area! Some nearby attractions include guided wildlife tours and a range of short hikes like the hike to Dream Lake. 

Best For

Della Terra Mountain chateau is best for couples looking for a luxurious and romantic suite in a quiet area enveloped in nature. 

With just fourteen roomy adult-only suites, your stay will be as intimate as can be. As far as addons, there are often special offers on singles and couples massages that you can book with your stay.

And not only is Della Terra a great option for couples getaways, but it’s also a year-round bookable wedding venue! 

If you find Estes Park’s snowy hills as romantic as I do, explore the wedding/ event booking options for Della Terra Mountain Chateau here.

2. The Inn on Fall River

  • Location:  At 1660 Fall River Road, The Inn on Fall River is unsurprisingly settled beside the lovely Fall River. It isn’t far from town, and only a 4-minute drive from the Rocky Mountain National Park. (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: +18002554118
  • Price Range: $150 a night. 
  • Parking: Complimentary guest parking is included with the room. 
  • Amenities: 
    • Parking 
    • Hot tubs 
    • Equipped kitchen
    • Wifi
    • BBQ facilities 
    • Fireplace
    • Picnic area 
    • Private balcony
    • Canoeing off-site.
  • Reservations: Follow this link to ask further questions or to ask about booking a reservation. The different-sized cabins allow parties of more than two to enjoy their stay at Estes Park. You can also select based on how close to the river you’d prefer to stay!
  • Website:
  • Our Rating: 4.5

The Inn on Fall River is three things: classic, clean, and affordable! 

We awarded 1.5 points for each of these factors to arrive at an overall excellent score of 4.5. 

Your stay comes with a huge bundle of amenities to add to a classic Estes holiday, and at a great price to boot! 

The cabins aren’t steeped in luxury, but that isn’t what everyone is looking for when visiting the area. If you are planning to spend a ton of time outdoors, then you will appreciate the affordable and self-sufficient cabins here. 

More about the The Inn on Fall River

With the Inn on Fall River, you don’t need to compromise on easy access to town while remaining immersed in nature. The lovely Castle Mountain isn’t far away either! 

If you want to breathe in some classic Colorado timber, the wooden cabins of the Inn on Fall River will suit you perfectly.

Each interior is uniquely cozy, and you can choose one that suits your number of adults and/or kids.

Some nearby attractions for this Bed and Breakfast are canoeing, and the (quite charming) Dinner Theater* Lazy B Chuckwagon (*Summertime). 

There are also over 100 eateries available within a 6-mile radius. I highly recommend walking to Cinnamon’s Bakery for a classic cinna-scroll – after a bit of exercise, of course! 

Best For

The Inn on Fall River is 100% family-friendly, so I’d recommend it for any family getaway. 

The cabins and outdoor space will give the parents and little ones plenty of breathing room in between activities and movies. The town is a close drive away, so it’s easy to keep the kids or teens occupied for the day!

3. Romantic Riversong Inn 

  • Location: 1766 Lower Broadview Road, the gem of 26 private acres, is one of the most tranquil Estes Bed and Breakfasts. (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: +(970) 586-4666
  • Price Range: $285 a night. 
  • Parking: Close parking is available to guests. 
  • Amenities: 
    • Parking 
    • Wifi
    • Fireplace 
    • Private balcony 
    • Complimentary breakfast
    • Fishing nearby
    • Walking trails
    • Accommodates dietary requirements.
  • Reservations: Head to the website below to look at reserving one of the 10 Romantic Riversong rooms. They each offer different color schemes depending on your favorite. 
  • Website:
  • Our Rating: 4.8

With a name like Romantic Riversong Inn, how could you not be intrigued?

With cabins such as Meadow Bright, Mountain Rose, and Wood Nymph, this Inn has to be one of Este’s most alluring Bed and Breakfast offerings. 

After all, it’s right there in the name: romantic! Romantic Riversong ranked highly on my list because of its memory-making potential for couples. 

The owners cater specifically to the demographic of new and long-term partners, and the overall experience and rooms are tailored for tranquility. 

More about the Romantic Riversong Inn

The Romantic Riversong Inn truly has so much to offer. The complimentary breakfast is exceptional, as are the grounds where the BnB is situated. 

Because the Inn is located on 2 private acres of land, there is plenty of space for wildlife to roam free. 

You might spot deer and majestic moose while out taking a walk in the meadowy trails around the mountain foothills! Be sure to bring a picnic blanket and some snacks as you stop along the way. 

I should also mention the private mountain trail to Gianttrack Mountain: If you are all about the dramatic moments, then it is a tradition to share a kiss at each bench along this trail – a true Estes Park right of passage! 

The Big Thompson River nearby offers plentiful fishing opportunities as well. If this all sounds like your cup of Colorado, the Romantic Riversong grounds also accommodate small weddings, which you can find out more about here. 

Your experience at Romantic Riversong is easily customizable to suit the kind of couple you are. 

Add-ons make gestures of love easy and elegant, including floral arrangements in your room, chocolate strawberries upon arrival, a picnic for two, breakfast delivered to your room, and even a late-night charcuterie service. 

Best For

The Riversong Bed and Breakfast is undoubtedly designed for couples and small wedding parties. Special occasions are the name of the game; this is a perfect place for proposals, renewing vows, and celebrating anniversaries.

There may not be a better option on this list for visitors who want to spend a lot of time onsite at their accommodation, and even Colorado residents who need a romantic few nights away from home! 

The acres of meadow land to explore and luxurious rooms mean you’ll barely feel the need to venture outside the property.

4. Appenzell Inn

  • Location: The Appenzell Inn is located at 1100 Big Thompson Avenue, a main street where downtown Estes Park is just a mile away. (Open in Google Maps)
  • Across the road is the Estes Park Rock Climbing zone; the Lake Estes trail is just a short walk away. 
  • Phone number: +1 970-586-2023
  • Price Range: $186 a night. 
  • Parking: Parking near your room is available. 
  • Amenities: 
    • Indoor pool 
    • Continental breakfast 
    • Fire pits 
    • Wifi 
    • Kitchenette and essentials
    • Books, games, and DVDs for kids
    • TV with children’s networks as well
    • Picnic areas 
    • Self-serve laundry 
    • BBQ facilities
    • Table tennis.
  • Reservations: Book your stay through the phone number above, or head straight to the booking page of the Appenzell website.
  • Website:
  • Our Rating: 4.6

The Appenzel Inn makes this list as an all-rounder for a cozy, clean stay with excellent vibes.

The rooms are plush and modern, and the warm lighting makes it feel as homely as can be! Notably, the staff have received plenty of lovely reviews; read them here

More about the Appenzell Inn

Traveling with kids can be tough when it comes to finding ways to burn off energy as well as relax. 

In terms of family stays, Appenzell is one of the best! The biggest advantage of the Appenzell Inn is the thought that the owners have put into family fun, from the indoor pool and BBQ area to nightly s’mores. 

In particular, the pool offers much-needed refreshment to people who’ve spent the day hiking, riding, or fishing in the sun. 

All of the large rooms at The Appenzell Inn follow an alpine theme; the owners have proudly brought their Swiss heritage to Colorado. 

Best For

If you are staying for a week or longer in Estes Park, the Appenzell is an affordable option that you won’t get sick of anytime soon. 

By balancing laid-back activities such as family movies, pool dips, and roasting s’mores with classic comfort, this Inn makes long-term stays effortlessly fun.

5. Blue Door Inn

  • Location: 1220 Big Thompson Avenue is the prime location for this inn (quite close to the Appenzell Inn, and also with access to Estes Park and Estes Lake nearby!). (Open in Google Maps)
  • Phone number: +1 970-586-4421
  • Price Range: $132 a night. 
  • Parking: Parking for guests is available. 
  • Amenities: 
    • Gardens 
    • Golfing on-site 
    • Wifi 
    • Safe, fenced outdoor pool (heated, open seasonally)
    • Laundry
    • High Definition Cable Television 
    • Parking
    • Toiletries
    • Activities and evening entertainment
    • Breakfast (some hot items as well as light cold options)
    • Hot tub.
  • Reservations: Book a reservation at the website below or call (970) 586-4421. 
  • Website:
  • Our Rating: 4.2

The Blue Door Inn is comfortable and provides excellent, flexible stay options. 

There are 10 different room types that you can choose from, depending on what suits you best. 

The Blue Door ranks highly on my list because you get a huge amount of value during the stay, not to mention the easy proximity to town and high standards of cleanliness. 

More about the Blue Door Inn

The Blue Door Inn prides itself on being non-franchised and non-corporate! 

Many accommodation providers keep the frills and throw out the fun, while the Blue Door Inn does exactly the opposite. 

The prices here stay low due to the lack of franchise fees, and the service is more personal as well. You can find testimonies to the excellent service at the Blue Door here

The Blue Door Inn has a spacious motel-style layout with gardens. It looks wondrous in the wintertime if you are passing through Estes when the snow has fallen. 

The Inn is not far from any of Estes Park’s main attractions – so if you have personal transport or just a pair of legs, then walking trails, rock climbing, and Estes Lake are a stone’s throw away!

Kids will also enjoy relaxing at the accommodation, swimming in the pool, and making s’mores. 

Best For

The Blue Door is a great place to stay if you are looking for more than just a bed! 

The price point might make you think that you’ll only receive minimal amenities; however, one look at the amenities list above and you will see this is not the case at all!

The Blue Door Inn is ideal for those on a budget, such as families traveling with kids or students and young people. 

If you are passing through Estes Park and want to emphasize going out for daily activities, you will surely appreciate the simple comforts that the Blue Door provides!


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