Closest Airport to Estes Park, CO (+Transportation Options)

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Closest Airport to Estes Park, CO

Estes Park, Colorado is a glorious nature scene that is visited by many around the United States and beyond. 

From world-class hiking and stunning views all the way down to the nightlife, Estes Park offers a fun little getaway for outdoorsy types. 

As such, it’s very important that traveling to and from Estes Park is easy, quick, and accessible to park-goers. 

In this article, we’ll give you the scoop on the 8 closest airports to Estes Park. We’ll look at travel time, location, perks, and other important information. This article should be your go-to guide for traveling to Estes Park safely and with ease. 

Let’s get moving!

Airports Near Estes Park

There are 8 airports that are close to Estes Park, some of which are outside of Colorado. 

If you’ve never been to the western United States, or you’re simply curious about your options, check out these 8 airports before you make any official travel plans!

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

  • Location: 8500 Peña Boulevard, Denver, CO, 80249
  • Best For: Traveling to and from Estes Park, especially for international visitors
  • Airlines Operate: United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, International Airlines.
  • Transportation Option: Car or shuttle
  • Distance to Estes Park: 75.5 miles
  • Travel time: Around 1.5 hrs, depending on the transportation option
  • Route to Take: via US-36 E
  • Pros: Close to Estes Park
  • Cons: Does not accommodate all airlines (such as Jetblue) 

What better place to be than Denver International Airport if you’re flying into or out of Estes Park? 

This airport is relatively close, with only a 1.5-hour drive from Estes Park proper (that’s 75.5 miles). 

If you’re looking to get to the airport via bus or train, you may find it easier to go the car route. 

However, there are shuttles that leave from Estes Park to the airport if you don’t have access to a car. 

Additionally, when you’re booking your airfare to and from Colorado, you’ll find that Denver International Airport has most U.S. operating airlines (apart from Jetblue and some smaller airlines).

International visitors to Estes Park should definitely check this airport out! 

Cheyenne Regional Airport 

Cheyenne Regional Airport 

  • Location: 4020 Airport Parkway West, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001
  • Best For: Quick and easy travel 
  • Airlines Operate: United Airlines, Frontier Airlines
  • Transportation Option: Car
  • Distance to Estes Park: 100 miles
  • Travel time: 1 hr flying, 1.5 hrs driving
  • Route to Take: via I-25 S
  • Pros: Civil-military airport with easy parking
  • Cons: Only two gates

Cheyenne Regional Airport in Wyoming is a quaint airport with only two gates. This airport is accessible, easy to navigate, and has parking right around the corner! 

Despite its small size, this airport has dining, relaxation, and shopping options. 

Through the Cheyenne Regional Airport, you can hop on a United Airlines flight direct to Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking for airport simplicity, this one’s got you covered! 

Laramie Regional Airport

Colorado Springs Airport

  • Location: 555 N General Brees Rd, Laramie, WY, 82070
  • Best For: Short trips to Denver or Estes Park
  • Airlines Operate: United Airlines, SkyWest Airlines
  • Transportation Option: Car or bus
  • Distance to Estes Park: 108 miles
  • Travel time: 2 hr 15 min (car), 4 hr 50 min (bus)
  • Route to Take: via US-287
  • Pros: Quick check-in and great service
  • Cons: Fewer amenities/airlines

Laramie Regional Airport is situated directly north of Estes Park, which makes it an ideal airport location for an Estes Park visit/stay! 

This airport can be accessed by car or bus, but the bus ride is over double the length of the car ride. 

As with the previous airport, this location does not accommodate large flights or many airlines. However, the smaller size of the airport lends itself to short lines and even faster take-offs. 

Colorado Springs Airport

Laramie Regional Airport

  • Location: 7770 Milton E Proby Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO, 80916
  • Best For: Further destinations and direct flights
  • Transportation Option: Car
  • Distance to Estes Park: 145.4 miles
  • Travel time: 2.5 hrs
  • Route to Take: via I-25 N
  • Pros: Lounge access available, more food/retail options
  • Cons: High-traffic airport 

Let’s talk about the second-busiest airport in Denver! Colorado Springs Airport is a bustling airport that goes to destinations such as Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and Phoenix. 

However, if you live more east than Chicago (within the United States), you may have to transfer to a bigger (or international) airport. 

Plus, this airport is very busy, so be prepared to wait in long lines and make sure to get to your gate early. 

Nevertheless, this airport has a lot of options for flyers and makes Estes Park more accessible to non-Coloradans! 

Longmont Municipal Airport

Longmont Municipal Airport

  • Location: 229 Airport Road, Longmont, Colorado, 80503
  • Best For: Personal planes
  • Airlines Operate: N/A
  • Transportation Option: Car or bus
  • Distance to Estes Park: 29.5 miles
  • Travel time: 44 mins
  • Route to Take: via US-36 W
  • Pros: Well-liked and well-maintained
  • Cons: Not a commercial airport

Longmont Municipal Airport, also known as Vance Brand Municipal Airport, is a local Colorado airport that is used by small, non-commercial planes. 

However, the airport is currently accepting commercial planes, so it may become bigger as time goes on.

Although there are no extras like restaurants or lounges at this airport, flying in and out is a breeze. Just make sure to BYOP (Bring Your Own Plane)!

Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport

Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport

  • Location: 4900 Earhart Road, Loveland, Colorado, 80583
  • Best For: Travel within the U.S.
  • Airlines Operate: United Airlines, Landline Airlines
  • Transportation Option: Car
  • Distance to Estes Park: 37.7 miles
  • Travel time: 55 min 
  • Route to Take: via E US-34 and US-34 W
  • Pros: Short distance to Estes Park
  • Cons: Limited airlines and flights offered

North Colorado Regional Airport, commonly known as Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport, operates as a commercial airport. 

On some flights, kids ride for free – so definitely check to see if you qualify! 

Additionally, this airport is undergoing renovations and there are plans to unveil the new and improved airport in 2024. 

Fortunately, if your flight is delayed or canceled, the Loveland area is renowned for its craft beer and entertainment, so you may enjoy the diversion!

Boulder Municipal Airport

Boulder Municipal Airport

  • Location: 3327 Airport Road, Boulder, Colorado, 80301
  • Best For: General aviation exclusivity
  • Airlines Operate: N/A
  • Transportation Option: Car
  • Distance to Estes Park: 38 miles
  • Travel time: 52 mins
  • Route to Take: via US-36 W
  • Pros: Big array of options for non-commercial pilots and passengers
  • Cons: No commercial options

Boulder Municipal Airport offers a range of general aviation services such as business, private, emergency, and recreational flying. 

However, there are no commercial airlines that fly through this airport!  

If you’re planning to fly a personal plane to Estes Park, this is a great spot to park your ride. 

Otherwise, if you’re interested in being a passenger on a commercial flight, seek other airports in this article such as Denver International Airport. 

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

  • Location: 11755 Airport Way, Broomfield, Colorado, 80021
  • Best For: Cheap flights to a variety of cities
  • Airlines Operate: Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines
  • Transportation Option: Car
  • Distance to Estes Park: 50.5 miles
  • Travel time: 1 hr 
  • Route to Take: via US-36 W
  • Pros: Convenient location for many traveler types
  • Cons: Few terminal amenities or facilities

Lastly, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is easy to access from Estes Park as it could take you less than an hour to arrive there! 

However, this is a smaller airport with fewer airline options and lackluster amenities. 

The length of the runway enables many different plane types to fly into and out of the airport. 

If you’re looking for flights at a reasonable price and enjoy the airlines listed above, book your night flight through Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport!


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