Pet-Friendly Hotels in Estes Park (My Curated Picks)

Pep Dekker

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Estes Park

Estes Park offers so much to do in the great outdoors, so it’s no surprise that often people want their furry friends to enjoy the beauty of this area too!

In this article, I’ll be personally recommending a range of hotels that allow pets. 

Some of these hotels even offer attractions such as pet-friendly hiking trails, but we also have some of the basic pet-friendly hotels listed so you can choose whichever option suits your needs the most! 

If you’re traveling with a pet, I’m sure you want your anxieties for their comfort and security alleviated – so look no further than this article to find several accommodation options to cater to whatever you’re looking for in Estes Park.

We even include a bonus list at the end of tips for traveling with a pet in Estes Park so that you can rest easy on your vacation with your furry companion. Let’s get right into it!

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Estes Park

These hotels all come with special recommendations and are sure to welcome you and your pet, so you can both enjoy the beautiful setting of Estes Park and its wonderful hospitality!

Estes Park has a huge appeal for visitors to the beautiful location, with awe-inspiring forests, mountains, and wildlife galore – but why should this be limited to humans and not to beloved pets too?

Some of these hotels are entirely pet-friendly, but others are more selective with which rooms allow pets and which pets are allowed.

As such, it’s important to be extra careful to check that your booking aligns with your intentions. Otherwise, enjoy your stay at Estes Park in one of these lovely pet-friendly hotels! 

Murphy’s Resort at Estes Park

Murphy's Resort

At a glance: 

  • Location: 1650 Big Thompson Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone Number: 1-970-480-2955
  • Price Range: $94-211
  • Pets Amenities: designated pet area
  • Human Perks: rooms with jacuzzis and fireplaces available, complimentary breakfast, seasonal heated pool, hot tub, laundry facility
  • Perfect for: a relaxing stay with all the amenities to experience with your dog!
  • Reservation: Book online here, or via phone call! Note that you must be at least 21 years of age to book. 

This resort has all you would need for a comfortable stay: a hot tub, outdoor heated pool, fireplace, grill, and more! 

Note that this hotel is only dog-friendly and cats are not allowed; it also has restrictions on puppies and aggressive breeds such as pit bulls. 

The cost of booking a dog-friendly suite is only $20 per night, per pet, with a maximum of two dogs allowed in one suite. 

Be sure to specify when you are booking that you are bringing your dog. As some of the rooms in this resort are not pet-friendly. 

Murphy’s River Lodge

Murphy's River Lodge

At a glance: 

  • Location: 481 West Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone Number: 1-970-480-5081
  • Price Range: $135-208
  • Pets Amenities: designated dog area
  • Human Perks: Rooms available on the river, with fireplace, or with a hot tub; continental breakfast, indoor heated pool & tub, fire pit and bbq grill, laundry facilities
  • Perfect for: a shorter luxury getaway with a range of options 
  • Reservation: book online here, or via phone. Must be at least 21 to book.

This lodge has won travelers’ choice four years in a row! Again, this Lodge is only suitable for dogs and does not allow puppies or aggressive breeds. 

This lodge has a variety of rooms, from locations on the river to ones with full kitchens, hot tubs, and fireplaces. 

The basic facilities are also lovely and relaxing should you choose not to upgrade, and all include access to the indoor pool and hot tub!

To book a room with your dog, be sure to specify upon booking that you will be bringing your dog as it costs an extra $20 per pet per night.

There is also a limit of two dogs per unit. This lodge is in an excellent location, not too far from the center of Estes Park!  

Coyote Mountain Lodge

Coyote Mountain Lodge

At a glance: 

  • Location: 1340 Big Thompson Ave., Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone Number: 970-586-4376
  • Price Range: $68-127
  • Pets Amenities: close to nearby trails and the marina!
  • Human Perks: continental breakfast, high-speed wifi, access to nearby trails, seasonal outdoor pool, fire pit
  • Perfect for: environmentally-conscious travelers with pets!
  • Reservation: Book online or via phone! Guests must be at least 21 to book.

Lake Estes Marina and Lake Estes Trail are located only one mile away from this eco-friendly haven. 

With sustainability-focused policies in place, this lodge provides a comfortable and well-situated home for you and your pet while you’re in Estes Park!

The lodge is dog-friendly and allows up to three dogs in each room, with an extra charge of $20 per night per dog for the cleaning required after your pet leaves the lodge. 

McGregor Mountain Lodge

McGregor Mountain Lodge

At a glance: 

  • Location: 2815 Fall River Road, Estes Park CO 80517
  • Phone Number: 1-800-835-8439 or 970-586-3457
  • Price Range: $109-249
  • Pets Amenities: lodge that feels just like home!
  • Human Perks: fireplaces and firewood, playground and sandbox, hot tub by reservation, large picnic area, firepit
  • Perfect for: well-behaved four-legged friends and kids!
  • Reservation: book online here or via phone! 3-night minimum stay.

Mcgregor Mountain Lodge borders the Rocky Mountain National Park, ensuring an amazing experience amongst the wildlife in Estes Park. 

Because dogs are not permitted on the grounds of the National Park, the lodge has strict rules in place to keep your pup and the local wildlife safe. 

Be sure to check here for a list of cabins that are dog-friendly before you book, and be aware that these cabins have limited availability – so the earlier you can book, the better!

Rocky Mountain Hotel & Conference Center

Rocky Mountain Hotel

At a glance: 

  • Location: 1701 N Lake Ave., Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone Number: +1 970-586-5363
  • Price Range: $80-106
  • Pets Amenities: both cats and dogs are welcome!
  • Human Perks: on-site laundry, baggage storage, free wifi, indoor pool, hot tub, games room
  • Perfect for: families!
  • Reservation: book online here, or via phone!

Quiet hours are observed at Rocky Mountain Hotel and Conference Center from 10 pm to 7 am, ensuring you and your pet enjoy a peaceful stay at the hotel! 

There is a large area outside on the grounds where your pets are welcome to stretch their legs and get outdoors. 

At only $25 per night, you are welcome to bring your pet – cat or dog – to enjoy the beautiful scenes of Estes Park with you! 

Up to two pets are permitted per room. Some rooms have kitchens, and there is a fully equipped games room in the hotel which makes it perfect for families with kids! 

Note that cancellation is free at a minimum of 48 hours prior to the booking commencing. 

Castle Mountain Lodge

Castle Mountain Lodge

At a glance: 

  • Location: 1520 Fall River Road, Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone Number: +1-800-852-7463 or 970-586-3664
  • Price Range: $79-399
  • Pets Amenities: your dogs will be able to watch the wildlife from your room!
  • Human Perks: library, on-site laundry facilities, spa, fishing in the river, fire pit, trail directly to the National Park
  • Perfect for: fishing enthusiasts, and/or large groups
  • Reservation: Book online here, or by phone!

As indicated by the price range, the variety of accommodation you can book at this lodge is vast. From single rooms to suites and even an 11-person homestead, you can bring your dog along for the trip!

The Lodge is only minutes from the Fall River entry to the Rocky Mountain National Park, so there is often wildlife visible on the grounds of this lodge; elk, mule deer, turkey, and rabbits, and more. 

Dogs are allowed in this lodge at a maximum of two canines per cabin, at a cost of $25/night per dog. Check here for a list of the cabins that are dog-friendly!

The proximity to the National Park again means that the code of conduct your doggies must follow is rather strict, in the interest of your dogs as well as the local wildlife, so be sure to closely read the pet policy. 

Silver Moon Inn

Silver Moon Inn

At a glance: 

  • Location: 175 Spruce Drive, Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone Number: 970-586-6006
  • Price Range: $119-284
  • Pets Amenities: riverside rooms available for pets!
  • Human Perks: continental breakfast, in-ground hot tub, BBQ grills along the river, free wifi, kitchen facilities available, air conditioning, microwave, flat-screen TV
  • Perfect for: outdoor enthusiasts!
  • Reservation: book online here, or by phone. The minimum age to check in is 21.

Nestled near the Fall River, this cozy Inn is only a block away from downtown Estes Park, providing the best of both worlds for your vacation. 

This Inn provides access to numerous opportunities for fishing, wildlife watching, and hiking, while being in convenient proximity to town where you’ll find all your necessities. 

Pet rooms are limited, however, so it is recommended to book early to ensure your pet can experience the lovely Silver Moon Inn with you! 

Some of the rooms that allow pets are located right on the river, so your furry friends can enjoy the beautiful serene river scene while they travel with you. 

The rooms that welcome your pet are specified with ‘Pet-friendly’ in the title of this list of room options. The fee for your pet to stay in one of these rooms is $25 per night, and note that this is non-refundable. 

Discovery Lodge

Discovery Lodge

At a glance: 

  • Location: 800 Big Thompson Ave., Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone Number: 970-586-3336
  • Price Range: $79-119
  • Pets Amenities: dog-friendly over the entire premise, including the lobby and the 4-acre property with a pond and island!
  • Human Perks: free wifi, microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, continental breakfast, firepits & BBQs, kid-friendly, hot tub available
  • Perfect for: a doggy holiday
  • Reservation: book online here, or via telephone. 

Find the most magnificent views of the Continental Divide at Discovery Lodge, our last pet-friendly hotel in Estes Park!

This hotel permits up to three dogs per room, with a $20 fee per night per dog. 

The perk this lodge offers is that the entire property is dog-safe, so your dog is welcome to roam wherever it pleases with you during your stay at this accommodation! 

Hiking trails are also located directly from the property, so this truly offers all you need to enjoy your stay with your pet in Estes Park.

 The dog-friendly grounds especially are a perk that ensures that your dog will be able to burn some energy rather than being cooped up all day. 

Tips for Traveling with Pets to Estes Park

Traveling with pets to Estes Park is totally doable, but there are a few things you should be aware of to ensure the safety and utmost comfort of your furry friends.

One of the major appeals of Estes Park is its proximity to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on any of the trails within this territory.

Rest assured, however, that pets are welcome within the township of Estes Park, with many places having dog bowls to keep your pooch hydrated! There are also a plethora of trails outside of the national park which welcome dogs. 

These trails include those located in the National Forest and on the Estes Park Trails system. A list of these dog-friendly trails include:

  • Lily Mountain
  • Buchanan Pass Trail
  • Lake Estes Trail
  • Kruger Rock
  • Crosier Mountain
  • Lion Gulch

And more!

Note that these trails often host wild animals such as elk which can be dangerous to your dog and vice versa, so always follow the trail rules and keep your dogs leashed. 

There is also a dog park in Estes Park (the Estes Valley Dog Park) where you can let your dog off the leash for a run. 

If you’d like to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park or anywhere in Estes Park that does not explicitly welcome dogs while you’re visiting, there is a wonderful selection of dog-sitting services around to keep your dog happy while you sight-see!

These places include Estes Park Pet Lodge, where you can leave your dog for the day with prices starting at $22. 

Generally, be sure to pack plenty of waste bags to clean up your pets’ messes while you’re staying at your accommodation.

Other necessities include a leash, bowls for food and water, plenty of food and treats to keep them happy on the trip, toys that don’t make too much noise, a blanket or towel, and a crate if they’re crate-trained!

It’s important also to remember to bring an old t-shirt or jumper that you don’t wear anymore but that still carries your scent to comfort them in unfamiliar settings, especially if you’re going to be separated for the day.


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