Exploring Estes Park’s Nightlife: Bars, Breweries, and More

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The charming town is nestled among the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, just a 90-minute drive from Denver, Colorado, and is the perfect spot to let your hair down no matter the occasion!

Estes Park is on a mission to drive sustainable growth and has even snagged the title of one of the most visited scenic spots in the US. So why go to Vegas for mainstream nightlife when you can drop by this town instead?

This quaint getaway spot is packed with local breweries, restaurants, cozy bars, and nightclubs which help to add to the downtown’s fun and flirty atmosphere. 

Whether you’re on a night out with the boys, a girl’s trip, a romantic escape, or family bonding session, Estes Park’s streets have nightlife options for everyone! 

Looking forward to having the best night in Estes Park? In this blog, we’ve got you covered! You’ll learn about:

  • Eight of the best nightlife activities in Estes Park
  • Other budget-friendly options for you to enjoy
  • Best ways to keep yourself safe while having fun.

Let’s dive right in!

8 Best Nightlife Activities in Estes Park

The night is always young in Estes Park! Want to explore all the things you can do in town once the sun goes down? Here are eight of the best activities waiting for you.

Bars and Breweries

The night doesn’t truly begin until there’s booze! Check out all the best bars and breweries that Estes Park has to offer.

A close-up view of the beer line in a bar

#1 The Barrel 

The Barrel welcomes both dogs and humans to try their amazing beer, spirits, and food! This craft garden is run by Ingrid and Lou, who claim it was love at first sip for them when it comes to craft beer.

This beer and whisky garden can host both private and public functions (including weddings), with a capacity of up to 240 people in their beer garden and an extra 180 inside the indoor beer hall. 

Don’t worry – you can also just pop down for a cheeky pint or glass of whisky without having to book the entire venue out! The extensive menu will have the night pass you by as you sample the local foods and drinks to the fullest extent!

And with most of their drinks priced at less than $10 a pint, you’re sure to get your money’s worth while enjoying the cozy yet lively atmosphere.

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#2 Rock Cut Brewing Company

This brewery and taproom is an ideal spot for beer lovers. Founded in 2015 by college friends, Rock Cut Brewing Company has spent its lengthy history brewing excellent beverages! 

What started out as a mere garage brewing setup has grown into a full-blown company in its own right — a testament to the dedication and love poured into the business.

It’s one of the best places to indulge in some local craft beers after a day exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The family and dog-friendly brewery even has a food truck on site. What’s not to love?

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#3 Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co

This is another awesome brewery tucked away in Estes Park. Not only is Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co. family and dog-friendly, but it also has a happy hour every day from 5 to 7 p.m.! 

The former gas station turned brewery is a well-loved spot among the locals and is known to have an electric atmosphere with some of the friendliest bar staff around

With an outdoor deck making you feel at one with nature and a great food truck, this place is perfect for a cold beer after a hard day exploring the Rocky Mountains

And with the drinks priced at $10 and under, you’re sure to have a fun time without blowing a hole through your wallet!

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Live Events – Music and Entertainment

Welcome to the enchanting world of live events nestled within the sprawling beauty of Estes Park.

Image of a live event

#4 The Wheel Bar 

With a slogan like “Hangovers installed and serviced every day except Christmas since 1945”, you already know that The Wheel Bar will be an excellent destination for an unforgettable night in Estes Park!

This bar isn’t just for beer lovers, either — it also serves some of the best cocktails in a vintage setting complete with pool tables. 

Since it began operations decades back, the bar has become a hugely popular destination amongst even the locals.

There’s even a digital jukebox for some old-timey music and vibes, making it the best spot for those who want to enjoy their drinks in a grand atmosphere. And with reviews upwards of 4 stars, you know you’ll be in good hands!

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#5 Historic Park Theatre

Nightlife in Estes Park isn’t just about booze — there are plenty of other exciting entertainment options as well. And if having a good show is something you appreciate, drop by the Historic Park Theatre!

Aside from its glimmering past, the HPR (the theater’s endearing nickname) plays host to a diverse range of movies, live music, and events that will fit anyone’s preferences.

With movie tickets that cost less than $20, you’re sure to have a unique nighttime experience in HPR!

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Outdoor Activities at Night 

If you’re feeling like a wholesome, relaxed night in nature, then there are plenty of options to suit your mood. Check them out below!

A person with a telescope watching at the stars

#6 Stargazing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, so it’s also a great place for some stargazing! 

Just make your way over to the national park with your jacket, a telescope or binoculars, and a hot drink to warm you up.

Top recommendations include Forest Canyon, Bear Lake, and Sprague Lake — three accessible places that offer the most awe-inspiring night sky views!

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#7 Night Time Wildlife Viewing Tours

Estes Park boasts some of the best natural habitats in the area, so why not go on a nighttime wildlife viewing tour? 

There are plenty of private tours available that’ll have you up close and personal with the beavers, moose, and birds in the region. If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of elusive foxes and mountain lions!

#8 Moonlit Hikes and Guided Nature Walks

There’s really no better way to immerse yourself in nature than with moonlit hikes! 

This is an extremely unique experience that enables you to enjoy the area and listen to the noises of a truly diverse environment. 

Make your way to popular destinations, and you can even set up camp and enjoy the stars glistening in the night!

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Budget-Friendly Nightlife Options in Estes Park

Estes Park is a very affordable destination overall, so don’t worry about having to spend big and going home broke! 

The natural beauty alone will keep you very busy, but those who want to stay within their “trip budget” can rest assured that they’ll still have a grand time.

One budget-friendly option is to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park. Entry passes do require payment, but they’re only generally between $15 and $35. 

With all of the amazing natural sights on offer, the national park is well worth the money!

Some bars in Estes Park also allow free entry, so you’ll only really have to pay for alcohol and food. This means you can make your budget as cheap or expensive as you like!

Safety Tips for Nightlife in Estes Park

Having fun shouldn’t get in the way of your personal safety, and that’s true even in a relatively laid-back place such as Estes Park. When filling out your nighttime itinerary, here are some tips to keep yourself safe!

  • Stick To Well-Lit Areas: No matter where you go, it’s always important to keep your wits about you and stick to well-lit areas. It’s very risky to wander into dark, uncharted areas of the forest, so make sure you don’t get yourself into a sticky situation!
  • Stay with a Group When Possible: Remember: no one is invincible! It’s important to stick in groups, especially if you’re in a new environment.  Being unfamiliar with the surroundings also means you won’t be fully aware of the dangers – especially if you’re letting loose and enjoying the local craft beers a little too much. For your safety, stay with your group or let someone know where you’re heading.
  • Moderate Alcohol Intake: It can be difficult, but it’s important to control your alcohol intake; don’t down one drink after another!  You want to make sure you don’t knock yourself out with a hangover and miss out on all the daytime activities Estes Park has to offer. Additionally, keeping your alcohol intake under control will make sure you and others stay out of harm’s way.
  • Use Designated Drivers or Taxis: The nightlife in Estes Park is one of a kind, so it’s surprisingly easy to lose track of time.  Whether you’re exploring the sights or indulging in local beers, it’s important to arrange your transportation beforehand. Remember: it’s not just about protecting yourself, but other people too!
  • Obey Local Laws: If you’re visiting from another state or country, it’s important to remember that laws change as you cross state lines.  Do some research on the local laws and obey them to avoid trouble. Having fun doesn’t include breaking the law!
  • Trust Your Instincts: If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation!  When you’re in a new environment, it’s hard to identify all the dangers that are potentially lurking. 
  • Have Emergency Contacts Ready: Always have an emergency contact on your phone for if a situation suddenly go south. If you find yourself in danger or somewhere unknown, it’s important to be able to immediately get the help you need! Even just keeping local police numbers at the ready will go a long way

In Conclusion

By now, you will have realized that Estes Park is a destination like no other. This jewel of a place is surrounded by natural beauty while offering you the best time in high altitudes! If there’s one word to describe it, it’d be “unforgettable”.

Unique cultural events? Check. Natural sights and sounds? Definitely. Affordable? You bet!

Estes Park is simply unmatched. Drop by and buckle up for a memorable trip, even if you’re a night owl!


Does Estes Park have a nightlife?

Absolutely! Estes Park has a vibrant nightlife that caters to diverse tastes. Whether you want to sample the local drinks or enjoy live events in different settings, Estes Park won’t disappoint. If you time it right, you’ll even be able to attend various special events throughout the year!

What is the most popular nightclub in Estes Park?

Lonigans is the most popular option for clubbing in Estes Park! Rockin’ music? Spacious dance floor? Scrumptious food options and drinks? This Irish pub bolstered with five-star reviews has it all. If you can only visit one nightclub during your stay, you best believe Lonigans is the best option.

What is the dress code at the bars and clubs in Estes Park?

Estes Park bars and clubs generally don’t have any specific dress codes! Burst through the doors sporting casual comfort with jeans, tees, and sneakers – but no one will stop you if you arrive in something a little more extravagant, either.


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