Where do we get our information? A conversation about “News in the Modern World”

News and an independent press are crucial to a healthy democracy. The electorate needs accurate and complete information to make informed decisions. However, according to Gallup Poll, millions of Americans no longer trust the news media as evenly and uniformly credible. Political partisanship, bias by omission, opinion, social activism, and outright falsehoods are seen as too often replacing fact gathering and news reporting that follow established journalism standards.

Although purposefully inaccurate reporting has always been part of our country’s history, the term “fake news” has spiked in recent years. With the rise in use of social media, sound bites, clickbait, and open source news outlets, the onus is increasingly on citizens to critically assess not only the news, but how we get it.

“News in the Modern World” is the topic of the next Living Room Conversation. These Community Conversations are an opportunity to learn and share with others through guided small-group discussion. They are co-hosted by Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership (EVRJP) and the Estes Valley Library.

This conversation will take place on Monday, November 7, from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., in the Wasson Room at the Estes Valley Library. This discussion is designed not to critique specific news sources, but to clarify what we can and should expect from news sources in order to be an informed citizenry.

EVRJP staff and volunteers will facilitate the discussion. This interactive program is participatory in nature, and attendees will be asked to engage with and contribute to the conversation.

Sign up in advance at the Events Calendar at estesvalleylibrary.org, which also includes additional information and a link to the “News in the Modern World: Expectations vs. Reality” Conversation Guide. For more background on the Estes Valley Community Conversation series, visit www.estes.org/community-conversations. You can also check out www.estes.org/restorativejustice to learn more about EVRJP resources.

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