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With over 1260 vacation rentals in Estes Park to pick from, find the one that’s right for you and your family.

Are you planning your vacation to Estes Park here in Colorado? Get your cameras the memories you will make here would be forever cherished, be assured of that. In expectation of your visit, we welcome you to see for yourself the incredible selection of vacation rentals in the rocky mountains.

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What is the best area to stay when traveling to Estes Park?

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Travellers come to Estes Park, leaving the comfort of their homes, the stress of the daily hustle and bustle, not excluding the fact that some have come to take in the fresh mountain air to train and exercise themselves. All these are, of course, some of the few reasons why most people have come for a vacation, but all these point to the fact that they want to rejuvenate themselves. Thus, Estes Park makes and keeps making efforts to ensure that the goals you set out to achieve are fully achieved as quickly as possible.

Estes Park Vacation Rentals

Can I rent Cabins in Estes Park?

One of these efforts is making available VRBOs, yes, Vacation Rentals by Owner. Estes Park has been receiving visitors for over a century, refining their hospitality like fine wine, using the experience and feedback gathered from tens of millions of individuals, families, couples, acquaintances, and friends. So yeah, you are coming to a place that is prepared to receive you.   

FAQ when renting a vacation cabin in Estes Park?

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Which rentals are closest to downtown Estes?

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Is a two-night stay at a vacation rental enough time to see everything in Estes Park?

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What’s the difference between a VRBO and AirBnB?


Where can I rent a house in Estes Park, Colorado?

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Does Rocky Mountain National Park have rentals?

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How many people can stay at a vacation rental in Estes Park?

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Which of the private vacation rentals get the most wildlife?

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Where to stay in Estes Park?

Check out our up-to-date Estes Park VRBO map to help you find the best option.

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Accommodations in Estes Park

Introduction to Vacation Rentals in Estes Park

Millions of tourists come to Estes Park from all over the United States, not excluding international visitors. People come to Estes Park, leaving the comfort of their homes, the stress of the daily hustle and bustle, not excluding the fact that some have come to take in the fresh mountain air to train and exercise themselves. All these are, of course, some of the few reasons why most people have come for a vacation, but all these point to the fact that they want to rejuvenate themselves. Thus, Estes Park makes and keeps making efforts to ensure that the goals you set out to achieve are fully achieved as quickly as possible.

Don’t know what VRBOs are?

Vacation Rentals by Owners is a mouthful when making a face-to-face inquiry or trying to get a bit of information about it on Google. So, people just started using the acronym – VRBOs, which quickly caught on. VRBOs are lodging vacation rentals owned by individuals who have lavished a large amount of care and attention onto their property. These vacation rentals or VRBO are houses, condos, cabins, lofts, basically homes belonging to individuals or corporate bodies that they let out for a certain fee to anyone who is visiting and needs to stay overnight. Since the entire place is available for a person to enjoy their privacy, it is far superior to staying in a hotel.

Looking at the map, you can see that these Estes Park VRBOs are situated all around the valley and would surely satisfy your desire for the perfect location for you to enjoy your vacation just exactly as you want it. We want you to make informed decisions as you plan your vacation. We would be going through a few things that would help you come to a unique conclusion tailored to your satisfaction.

Estes Park VRBOs

In Choosing VRBOs

Since this article is for those that require shelter throughout their vacation, what are your vacation goals? What vacation goals will help choose the perfect place for your vacation, here are a compilation of some wonderful places you can choose from.

Note: these vacation rentals have basic amenities such as beds, rooms, toilet paper, soap, towel, linen, pillow, kitchen wares, bathtub, shower, laundry, and television. These are essentials a VRBO should have at the barest minimum, so when we mention amenities as you read on, it is in addition to these, ‘’extra toppings’’ by that VRBO to encourage you to patronize them.

Vista of Lake Estes: is located at 1040 Pine Lane, Estes Park, near Lake Estes, and has a view of the 9 Hole Golf Course; it is a golf vacation home, where you will enjoy free WiFi, free parking, and a spa tub. And when you do are satisfied with golfing, the Estes Park Museum and Estes Park Aerial Tramway are well-known attractions close by; you can stroll to enjoy. Their amenities include; car parking, microwave, fireplace, heating, oven, dishwasher, and access to TV. This vacation home will be a joy during the winter season.

Lake Estes-paddleboard

The 4 Seasons Inn: the inn is located at 1130 West Elkhorn Avenue Estes Park, right on the Fall River. The placement of this vacation is unique in that it is less than a six-minute drive to Estes town and about five minutes to Rocky Mountain National Park. The closeness of this vacation home to the Fall River and the seeds Ponderosa Pine trees allows visitors to enjoy encounters with wildlife, especially the Rocky Mountain Elk. They are a beauty to watch, but visitors are always advised to keep their distance to avoid confrontations. The home also boasts of lawn fishing picnic areas. Their amenities include; a fireplace, mini-fridges, coffee makers, recently renovated bathrooms, BBQ area, outdoor lawn fire pit, a large outdoor deck, and access to the communal hot tub for a dip. 

2 Bed 2 Bath: this vacation home in Estes Park has created an atmosphere where even busy travelers can enjoy themselves while conducting business. It provides a relaxing arrangement for business travelers. At the same time, the tourist can fully enjoy the facilities and services rendered by a 2 Bed 2 Bath Vacation home and their staff. Visitors have access to the home’s hiking trails, another medium for exercise while taking in the beautiful scenario around you. Their amenities include; a closet, heating, and balcony. 

Magical Rocky Top: this place has a garden! Yes, a playground, and it is in the vicinity of Castle Mountain. You will find that attractions surround it; for example, it is within 1.3 km from Mountain Blown Glass and about 4.9km from Moraine Park Discovery Center. Apart from that lovely garden, the views are worth it; and the guests enjoy it standing on their private patio. Pets are not allowed on the property, which features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Although there is an ATM right on-site for cash withdrawal and you can ride bicycles nearby. Amenities such as complimentary WiFi, a private patio, a TV with cable channels, a dishwasher, a microwave, a washing machine, and two showers.

Hummingbird Hideout: is some 1.62km from Open Air Adventure park if you are walking. This Estes house is secluded on a large acre that backs up to Rocky Mountain National Park. It has four bedrooms, complete with new furnishings and the floors have been redone. It also offers quick access to Lake Estes. From this house to the main entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park is about 6.44km. All around Hummingbird Hideout are places, just about 0.62km you can go to, like the Stanley Hotel, downtown Estes Park with shops and restaurants. There are opportunities to ski, hike, ride horses, cycle, do some bowling, play some mini-golf and squash, and finally fish. Pets are not allowed here. Some amenities available are; a gas grill, a stone patio out back, a private enclosed hot tub, a spa bath, a TV with cable channels, a dishwasher, a washing machine, bathrooms with a shower a microwave.

Peaceful Pines’ Estes Park Home: this vacation home holds the famous Longs Peak, some fifteen minutes away, in view. The property is located by Sanboth Drive, Off Fish Creek road. It is a bit secluded, tranquil, surrounded by towering trees and rock outcroppings; it the perfect spot for a mountain retreat. Whenever you feel like going into town, it is only a few minutes away. And the urge to run or hike comes on you, and the vacation home is just some sixteen minutes to Rocky Mountain National Park; you will find here very long scenic trails and breathtaking views. You can also visit Lily Lake or Twin Sisters, both ten minutes away, for the sights or hike. They have also made provisions for fishing and horse riding close by. The amenities available are; a balcony dishwasher dryer, fireplace, refrigerator, internet access, microwave, patio, stereo system, terrace, toaster, and WiFi.

Courtney Cottage:  this holiday home is located some 49km from Loveland; it is situated in a quiet neighborhood. Going into town is very easy since it is just a five-minute walk along river paths. The windows of the living area have large picture windows opening out to the village, just beautiful. There is a children’s playground, a garden that opens to guests, and visitors can enjoy cycling close to the holiday home. Good news for golfers, there is a mini-golf course, yay! In addition, there is provision for horse riding, bowling, fishing, and hiking. Another good news is that pets are allowed at no extra costs, this is a significant advantage because some vacation homes do not allow pets, and even if they do, it is with fees. There is an ATM or cash machine on the ground, making it easier to access cash for whatever need arises. However, during the winter season, it may become necessary to clear snow by traction, which is the host’s business anyway. The amenities available include; microwave, a fridge, a washing machine, a flat-screen TV with Netflix, a DVD player, a patio, and free WiFi. 

Ridge View: is situated within 2.73 km from Sombrero Ranch, with PO Box 1422 Estes Park. The house has a deck with a bbq grill, from where you can enjoy seeing the wildlife at a distance and the snow-capped mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park. Although the home is located on the hillside, it shares it with other dwellings; it is still very private. There are twin (queen) bedrooms and a bedroom, two single bunk beds, and an additional queen pullout for sleeping. They do grocery deliveries for guests and have taken security measures such as installing a deadbolt lock, carbon-monoxide detector, exterior lighting, and smoke detector. There are provisions to make the stay of people with children easier by providing items such as a high chair, pack and play, portable crib, toddler cots, and booster seat. In addition, they offer the following services, although charges may apply for hiking and mini-golfing. Pet are generally not allowed, and free private parking is possible on site, although you cannot reserve parking space. Other amenities include a washer, WiFi, a TV with no cable or satellite, a DVD player (Blu-ray), two fireplaces, and a gas bbq.

Discovery Lodge: this vacation home is located in the 800 Big Thompson Avenue Estes Park area. It is a home with a country feel, having incredible scenic views and a pond for fishing. The staff on the ground communicate in both English and Spanish; daily housekeeping is also one of many perks. At Discovery Lodge, pets are allowed, a private entrance for guests, and various recreational opportunities like the Bar, Spa, and Business Centre. It is very close to all the fantastic fun that Estes Park offers since it is very near. The amenities include WiFi in public areas, bathtub, air conditioning, and parking space.

The Historic Crags Lodge: is located at 300 Riverside Drive, Estes Park; the lodge is north of Prospect Mountain. Though surrounded by flora, you can hike some 4.82 km to see the Rocky Mountain National Park. It has some attractions very close by, Mountains, Kirks Flyshop, and The Taffy Shop. They provide free parking spaces for visitors and offer massage services. There are medical and meeting facilities for use whenever a need arises. Pets are not allowed here, but there is a kennel, animal boarding, and grooming. Local veterinarians are also within reach and very accessible. Amenities such as; mini-refrigerator, outdoor pool, hot tub, microwave, coffee maker, flat-screen TV with cable, DVD/VCR player, wireless internet, telephone, i-Home clock radios, and on-site complimentary laundry facilities are available. 

Aspen Brook: this VRBO is located at 2340 Aspen Brook Drive Estes Park with the PO Box 3523. The vacation home is positioned so that the mountains are within view for guests. it is open year-round, you can decide to vacation at any point in time during the year, and you will have a place to stay at Estes Park every season. If you are interested in watersport or the flow of water brings you peace, then you should get a place at Aspen Brook because the Big Thompson River meanders through the area. It is peaceful, quiet and you can at the same time enjoy wildlife watching since there is an abundance of elks, deers, and even mooses

Fall River Village: experience comfort, luxury and make lasting memories at this VRBO located at 200 Filbey Court. Enjoy the mountains, the views the Continental Divide has to offer. The position of this townhome is just incredible; it sits near the banks of the Fall River. This place offers a recreation center, complete with yard games, a heated outdoor pool, hammocks, fire pits, and even grill areas.

Brynwood on the River: This immediately pulls one’s attention; located at 710 Moraine Avenue right in Estes Park, Brynwood on the river is an umbrella name for some VRBOs that includes private cabins, homes, and even hotels. Their River Cabins have lovely views of the Rocky Mountains, and not just that, the Big Thompson River is part of that beautiful view package. And be ready to receive heart-lifting visits from the wildlife around, though guests are always advised to keep their distance watch from a distance. The River Cabins amenities include private decks, full kitchens, picnic tables, gas bbq grills, hot tubs, fireplaces, cable TV & DVD player, and free WiFi.

Historic Mountain home: this secluded mountain home is just some 3.22km from Lake Estes; you can enjoy the peace and go for activities in the lake at any point in time with ease. The view is outstanding since you can be on the wraparound porch and observe Prospect Mountain. Other nearby attractions are the seasonal gondola, Estes Park Brewery, and the Family Fun Center. This vacation rental has a two-bedroom, one-bathroom, with each bedroom having a queen-size bed, all these are secured with a large fenced patio, and downtown Estes is just about 1.61km away for your sightseeing. Some amenities noted are; antique furnishings, fireplace, cable, free WiFi, bathtub, a full-size washer and dryer in-house, and a game table. 

Longs Peak Vista Cabin: The view from the cabin is charming, and if you desire some quiet alone time, whether for yourself or as a couple or a family, this cabin is just right for you. The structure is positioned on a massive chunk of land; even when you get to the area, it is still a stretch to get to the house itself. However, it has a deck that is large enough to accommodate guests. 

The Ridgeline Hotel: is located on 101 S Saint Vrain Avenue; the rooms are excellent, with a window opening to allow a breathtaking mountain view. One of the main advantages of this place is that the staffs are very welcoming. Pets are allowed, but there are charges to be paid if you have yours with you. The area also has a golf course, fitness center, spa, and horse riding, which you should take advantage of during this vacation. Other amenities provided are free WiFi in all rooms, an elevator, car park free of charge, air conditioning, connecting room, shower, and daily house upkeep.

The answer to this question will help make the next decision easier, narrowing down the options that were initially numerous.

Estes Park VRBO’s Location

The location of your accommodation depends mainly on what you are hoping to achieve during this vacation. For example, if you are going kayaking, it would be reasonable for you to get a VRBO close to a lake or a river, thus, increasing accessibility which will reduce expenses. Or, in an instance where you are going on vacation for some peace, you will need a VRBO located in a secluded area, where there is limited human traffic. Thus, you choose the VRBO you want based on its proximity to places that will accommodate what you have set out to achieve during your vacation.

Type of Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals can be a condo, a cabin, a loft, a lodge, a cottage, a vacation home with more than one bedroom, and many other types. These specifications are what you consider when shopping for a rental.

Rental Costs

How much does it cost to rent these places a night? What are the factors that make them cost that much? You do not expect a VRBO that costs $93 per night to have the same features as one that costs $300 per night.


Some of these VRBOs are lavishly furnished, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, private hot tubs or Jacuzzis, indoor fitness facilities, cable television, on-site restaurants, barbeque grill, balconies, fully air-conditioned, with built-in fireplace. If you want absolute comfort, be ready to splurge.


Consider what security measures are put in place by the homeowner to protect the vacation rental and their effectiveness.


Some renters prefer VRBOs that are not close to other vacation rentals, like houses built on a large land area, putting much distance between them and the next building. They might place a high priority on their privacy and need a secluded location.


Taking the weather into consideration depends on how you want to enjoy your vacation; in winter, there are fewer tourists, less wildlife, and the mountains are accessible with snowshoes or skis. The fireplace will be ready to warm you on your return from the winter adventure.  Between June and September, the outdoors are alive with more vacationers since the snow has melted and the trails are fully open. The wildlife is much more visible, and plenty for sightseeing; water sports are now possible and no longer a suicide attempt. 

Pet Friendly

Some VRBOs might not entertain pets, so you should do the necessary research on the rental you want and know if they allow pets.

Handicap Accessible

Some VRBOs have provided support for Persons with Disabilities, including, building entrance on an accessible route. They have put switches, outlets, and environmental controls in an accessible location and installed grab bars on reinforced walls in everyday and public use areas. And then again, some VRBOs do not have these provisions.

Additional Information on VRBOs

A person planning a vacation should know the place they are going to, knowing fully well that VRBOs are a business running in a community. Vacation rentals are exceptionally well known nowadays. Not only do they deliver extra income to the owners of the place, but it also allows low-cost accommodations to vacationers, which is an additional economic boost for the community itself. It is good to note that Estes Park is a community on its own, which would have an association of Homeowners (HOA) to which most owners of VRBOs will have to belong. The owners are expected to have provided the renters with a copy of various rules that the community abides by to avoid friction between members of the community and visitors no matter how short the time such visitors might be staying.

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