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Our Definitive Guide to Cross-Country & Backcountry Skiing

Estes Park is a small town known for its picturesque winters. A wonderland averaging about eighty-two inches of snow annually. This amount of fresh powder attracts ski bums from all over the country. Making the Rocky Mountains one of the most sought-after winter destinations. In contrast, the town also sees an average of 238 sunny … Read more

High Altitude Training And Trail Running In Estes Park

Introduction Estes Park has been welcoming visitors for over a century now, becoming one of the most visited places in the western state of Colorado. Most have come to behold the told stories of the beauty of this mountainous region, and the people of this town have enjoyed welcoming visitors from all over. The mountains … Read more

Trail Ridge Road Status & More

Updated September 2021 Is Trail Ridge Road open today? YES! Notes… The Trail Ridge Road is open only from late May or early June to late October due to heavy snowfall; it is not accessible because of safety concerns at any other period. Although during those closed months, some road areas closest to Estes Park … Read more

The Continental Divide Across Colorado

Introduction The landscape of Colorado is probably one of the fascinating things to experience about the state. The various elevations and depressions in the form of highlands and lowlands are not just pleasing to the eye but just like almost anything in nature, very functional. And we are particular about the continental divide in this … Read more