Relax at the spa with a couples massage, play golf, catch cocktail hour, or simply just breathe in the terroir of alpines and the Rockies.


Discover the experiences that make Estes Park special and why you’ll want to visit over and over again.


Tramline up over town, climb above the peaks on a day hike, or climb, bike, and fish through Larimer County. Adventure is here! Where are you?

  • How to Enjoy the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway from Estes Park

    If you are looking for a beautiful drive through the Colorado Rocky Mountains, check out Peak to Peak Highway located in Boulder County, Colorado. This gorgeous historic route, established in 1918, starts on Interstate 70 to the South and Estes Park to the North. This is the oldest scenic byway in Colorado.

  • skiing Estes park

    Spring Break in Estes Park

    Tired of the I-70 gridlock and the masses of people at the ski slopes? Take a breath and escape with your family to Estes Park this spring break. Discover what it feels like to snowshoe across a frozen alpine lake and spot a bull elk forage in a snow-covered meadow. Or join your kids for…


Pep and Paige in Nederland, CO summer of 2020

My name is Pep Dekker and I’m a proud father of two twin girls, and a husband to my beautiful wife, Paige. I live in Estes Park and I own and operate, the platform for all things Estes Park – locals, travelers, and of course small businesses.

I believe Estes Park is more than just the Rockies. It’s about new experiences, community, and slowing down to savor life. I scour the region to present the best ideas and resources. Whether travelers want to plan and daydream, live their adventure (or lounge by the pool), feel connected, or remember their visit, I want to ensure I’m guiding them to the best of the best.

I love the outdoors and I’m in a constant state of improvement and development. I’m a tech geek and have been working on startups in the tech field for the past 15 years. I love all things digital, and have become an expert with SEO and web development for local businesses and most importantly helping operates scale up with online marketing.

I bought the site in 2021 from two retired Estes Park champions Bruce and Tony. And over the next few years, I have plans to develop the site into a powerful local community hub for Estes Park – Jobs, News, Real Estate, Tourism, Accommodations, etc. As a champion of small business owners and, I’m very involved with the community and have big plans and projects coming up.

If you have an idea on how to improve the site or would like to see more exposure to a certain topic, please reach out.

Pep Dekker


My cell: 559-905-0994.

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