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The Optimal Time for Visiting Estes Park, CO: Ideal Weather, Safety, & Tourism

Estes Park Forecast

Estes Park Temperatures

In Estes Park, we experience a wide range of temperatures throughout the year. We have cold weather for about half of the year, while the other times are pleasant with occasional rain or snow. When it comes to pleasant weather, we rank in the lower 23rd percentile compared to tourist destinations worldwide.

Above, we have listed the weeks with the best weather. If you’re looking for the warmest time to visit Estes Park, plan your trip for July, August, or June.

Take a look at the average monthly temperatures below. Late June is generally the hottest time, with our daytime highs regularly reaching around 90.9°F (32.7°C). At night, our temperatures rarely drop below 61.7°F (16.5°C).

Estes Park Seasonal Weather

Spring (March through May)

Embrace the mild coldness of spring in Estes Park, with temperatures ranging from 47.2°F (8.4°C) to 79.4°F (26.3°C). Prepare for some occasional rain, averaging 8 to 10 days of significant precipitation each month. Since it’s not a bustling season for tourism, you’ll have the advantage of finding enticing deals on lodging.

Summer (June through August)

Experience the warm embrace of summer in Estes Park, as temperatures climb to comfortable highs. Expect around 4 to 8 days of precipitation per month. Keep in mind that these months are the peak of tourism in Estes Park, which may result in higher prices for accommodations and other services.

Fall (September through November)

Fall brings a mix of chilly weather and colorful landscapes here. Daily highs range from 50.1°F (10.1°C) to 85.3°F (29.6°C). Be prepared for around 6 days of rain or snow per month. As the slowest tourist season, you can take advantage of affordable hotel rates during this time.

Winter (December through February)

Winter in Estes Park is a frosty affair, with average highs ranging from 40°F (4.4°C) to 52.8°F (11.6°C). Be ready for a fair amount of precipitation, with rain or snow occurring approximately 7 to 9 times per month. Despite the cold, these months attract a significant number of tourists.

Estes Park Snowy and Rainy Days

If you prefer dry weather, the months with the least likelihood of significant rainfall in Estes Park are June, August, and then November.

We consider “significant precipitation” as any amount equal to or exceeding 0.1 inches in this context. The lowest chance of rain or snow usually happens in early June.

For instance, during the week of June 4th, there is an average of 1 day of precipitation. In contrast, the highest probability of rain or snow occurs in early to mid-May, with an average of 3 days of significant precipitation during the week of May 7th.

Estes Park’s Humidity and Wind

It’s so dry here. Fingers cracking, cuts not healing kind of dry. It’s windy and dusty. In contrast, we’re the opposite of Florida humid.

In Estes Park, we experience comfortably humid months and dry months during the opposite season. The month with the lowest humidity is August, with a relative humidity of 28.1%. On the other hand, February is the most humid month, with a relative humidity of 44.4%. In Florida, upwards of 87%.

Typically, the wind in Estes Park is calm. However, the windiest seasons – winter and spring can be bitter cold. 40MPH gusts aren’t uncommon as the wind barrels down the continental divide directly into the Estes valley below.

In April, the average wind speed is around 5 MPH, which is considered “a light breeze.” The highest sustained winds (the fastest speed lasting more than a few moments) occur in late March, with average top sustained speeds reaching 20 MPH, categorized as a fresh cold breeze. Bring layers. Bring a puffy. You’re going to need it. We’re notorious fo the wind.


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