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Frozen Dead Guy Days 2024

March 15 - March 16

Frozen Dead Guy Days 2024: Estes Park Welcomes the Legendary Celebration of the Peculiar

In 2024, the legendary Frozen Dead Guy Days takes a spirited leap from its original home in Nederland to the scenic environs of Estes Park, Colorado. This whimsical and wonderfully eccentric festival is not just a local treasure but a global phenomenon, drawing crowds from all corners to celebrate the icy in repose, Grandpa Bredo Morstoel, and the quirky charm that defines this event.

For over two decades, Frozen Dead Guy Days has captured the imagination of thousands with its outlandish blend of frosty fun and macabre merriment. The festival’s relocation to Estes Park this year offers a refreshing backdrop to the already vibrant proceedings, ensuring that the legacy of Grandpa Bredo—whose cryogenically preserved state inspired this unique celebration—continues in grand style.

A Fiesta Like No Other

Frozen Dead Guy Days is more than just a festival; it’s a testament to human curiosity, community spirit, and the ability to find joy in the most unusual circumstances. The 2024 lineup promises a plethora of events that have made the festival a must-visit destination. From the chilling thrill of the Coffin Races to the icy plunge that tests the mettle of even the bravest souls, there’s no shortage of ways to immerse oneself in the frosty festivities.

Music, Merriment, and More

Estes Park will come alive with the sound of music as bands from various genres take the stage to provide the soundtrack for the weekend. The eclectic mix ensures there’s something for every ear, from bluegrass and folk to rock and electronic. But the fun doesn’t stop at the music. Attendees can also look forward to a host of activities that span the spectrum from the whimsical, like the frozen T-shirt contest, to the wacky, like the hearse parade.

A Community Comes Together

At its heart, Frozen Dead Guy Days is a celebration of community. Estes Park, with its stunning natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere, provides the perfect setting for festival-goers to come together in shared amusement and awe. The event also serves as a boon for local businesses, from the bustling craft stalls and food vendors offering delectable treats to the workshops and exhibitions that dot the town, showcasing the best of local art and culture.

Mark Your Calendars

As Frozen Dead Guy Days prepares to make its 2024 debut in Estes Park, the anticipation is palpable. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of the unique, the charm of the community, or simply the promise of a good time, this festival is a testament to the quirky, the quaint, and the quintessentially human capacity for celebration. For more information on schedules, events, and tickets, visit the official festival website and get ready to experience a weekend you won’t soon forget.

For detailed information on the 2024 Frozen Dead Guy Days, including the full music lineup, special events across town, and the fascinating story of Grandpa Bredo, please visit the official website here.


March 15
March 16


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