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Things to do

Standup Paddle Boarding

There is nothing better than spending the day out on the water. Soaking up that Colorado summer sun. Imagine being able to do that while getting in a calorie-crushing workout. Luckily, you can. Standup Paddle Boarding, commonly known as SUP,  is cardio training mixed with a core strengthening workout. A water sport that has been … Read more

Spring Break in Estes Park

Tired of the I-70 gridlock and the masses of people at the ski slopes? Take a breath and escape with your family to Estes Park this spring break. Discover what it feels like to snowshoe across a frozen alpine lake and spot a bull elk forage in a snow-covered meadow. Or join your kids for … Read more

Hermit Park: The Enthusiast’ Hidden Gem

Located in South East Estes Park is 1,362 acres of nature and wildlife. Hermit Park Open Space is home to a lush forest of pine and wetland meadows. Up until 1967 the park was once a cattle ranch. After that, it became a private retreat area for a company that bought it out. Eventually Larimer … Read more

Longs Peak: The capstone, keyhole, and diamond of Estes Park

Colorado is infamous for being the home of fifty-eight 14ers. A 14er is when the peak of a mountain sits at or above 14,000 feet. Hikers flock to these peaks and around 500,000 people summit them each year. Within these fifty-eight, there are some mountains ranked as easy. Others can be rated as extremely difficult. … Read more

The Continental Divide Across Colorado

Introduction The landscape of Colorado is probably one of the fascinating things to experience about the state. The various elevations and depressions in the form of highlands and lowlands are not just pleasing to the eye but just like almost anything in nature, very functional. And we are particular about the continental divide in this … Read more

Stargazing Classes in Estes Park

Introduction What secrets do the skies hold? What truths are not told to those who do not listen? Or in the case of stargazing, who does not gaze? At Estes Park, we learn these truths and aspire to know more; Stargazer, we invite you to, first of all, come for a vacation here in Estes … Read more

Birding, Wildlife Viewing in Estes Park

Introduction Birders and occasional birdwatchers are always thrilled after a time spent outdoors on arrival to Estes Park, why you ask? The National Audubon Society, dedicated to conserving birds and their habitat, labeled the park a Global Important Bird Area with over 280 different birds local to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. These parks … Read more

Can’t Miss Off-roading & Jeep Tours in, and around, Estes Park

There is no better feeling than hitting the open road. Windows rolled down, music turned up. The fresh mountain air hitting your face. Unfortunately, this is not easily achievable on the highways during the busy summer months. As I-70 gets more crowded, thrill-seekers want to know where they can go to get their fix. Luckily, … Read more

First-Hand Experience Cycling & Mountain Biking in Estes Park

Colorado is known as one of the top ten destinations for mountain biking in the country. Each year the cycling and mountain biking community continues to grow. Mountain biking is a sport requiring riding bicycles off-road. Normally over rough terrain and rocks. Cycling is also a sport of riding bicycles. Normally in forms of road … Read more