Why is fluoroscopy important?

This year, Estes Park Health Foundation is raising money to bring a new fluoroscopy unit to EPH. A fluoroscopy unit is a keystone piece of equipment in any diagnostic imaging suite, including those located in rural, critical-access hospitals.

“Fluoroscopy is a real-time x-ray with movement and has many uses, including to assess suspected problems in the GI tract and to guide pain injections,” said Dr. John Knudtson, Radiologist at Estes Park Health. “Imaging done on a fluoroscopy unit is not complicated, considered routine, and necessary to provide complete patient care to assess conditions like acid reflux, blood in the stool, and blockages in the fallopian tubes.”

Every person who experiences a stroke must have at least one fluoroscopy test to assess their ability to swallow solid food. The risk of choking after stroke increases and treating physicians must make sure the patient’s ability to swallow is intact before clearing them to eat solid food. At EPH, swallow tests, like most fluoroscopy procedures, take about 15 minutes. Patients whose ability to swallow is compromised may need several swallow tests as part of their recovery.

“The current fluoroscopy unit at EPH is 14 years old and at end-of-life in 2023,” said Kevin L. Mullin, EPH Foundation President. “In spite of the difficult fundraising circumstances this year due to inflation and stock market fluctuations, the EPH Foundation Board and Staff are committed to raising as much money as we can to help fund the $600k cost of the new machine.”

If you can help, please donate online at www.GivetoEPH.org/fluoro. To learn more about this campaign, call EPH Foundation President Kevin L. Mullin direct at 970-577-4306.

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