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The Estes Park Service Extension Unit for the Salvation Army has been active in the Estes Valley for over 35 years. You might ask, “What does the Salvation Army do in our little mountain town?” Glad you asked! After each of the major floods, local emergencies and fires, there has been resources sent up from the Intermountain Divisional office to support the partnering agencies who are working hand-in-hand with recovery efforts. The funding resources along with a mobile canteen to feed people are at the beck and call of the Estes Park Service Extension Unit which is extremely helpful when local resources are overloaded or just not sufficient for the demand.

One recent example of the partnership we have with the Salvation Army happened during the global pandemic. Large quantities of groceries and emergency kits were made available to Crossroads Ministry to distribute to those in the community who needed them. There was also housing assistance extended through their large network of providers.

As the Executive Director of Crossroads Ministry, I am very grateful for the partnership we have enjoyed for many years with the Salvation Army. It’s always good to know we have a large organization just a call away when we need additional resources.

Crossroads is not the only organization that benefits from the extensive network of resources. Estes Valley Crisis Advocates is a direct recipient of support to help them fulfill their mission. In addition to this, the Estes Park Police Department has been able to assist stranded motorist, people experiencing homelessness during the late night hours and others who find themselves in need during times when local agencies are closed. The emergency lodging, fuel assistance and Safeway gift cards have been made available through the partnership with the Salvation Army, so as a community we are extremely grateful for this wonderful organization that extends around the world and makes an impact in the Estes Valley.

The biggest way we have been able to benefit from these additional resources is through the Red Kettle giving program that many of you are familiar with. Each year for a few days after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, we have volunteers who give of their time to ring bells beside the Red Kettles in hopes that people will contribute a few bucks or a handful of coins to help the less fortunate in our community. Because we operate in conjunction with the Salvation Army, we give a small portion back to their overall operations  However, 90% of the funds raised through the Red Kettles will stay in the Estes Valley to support the partnering agencies. It’s a great way to make a meaningful impact during the holiday season.

I would like to invite you to join our team of Bell Ringers this year! We are only focusing on Safeway and the shifts are only one hour which gives you plenty of time to greet people as you ring the bell for people in need. We will begin the bell ringing on the Friday after Thanksgiving. There are many days and time slots for you to choose from so visit our website to sign up to ring the bell at least once this year. We would be most grateful to you for this act of kindness. www.CrossroadsEP.org

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