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Whether it’s a cozy vacation cabin by the mountains or a real estate investment for your retirement, the Estes Park real estate market boasts some of the finest homes built by the leading builders in the country. The Estes Park region is one of the most desirable destinations in the country … and for good reason. Wonderful, friendly community, quaint downtown shops, access to thousands of miles of trails in Rocky Mountain National Park, Roosevelt and Arapahoe National Forests, and dining options are all drawing more residents to the area.


If you’re thinking about making the move, we’re here to help you find the perfect spot to call home. The tourism experts at have teamed up with the real estate leaders in the community to create a dream team dedicated to helping you find your home in the mountains.

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About the Estes Park Real Estate Market

When the U.S. market tanked when the housing bubble burst in 2008, the Estes Park real estate market was among the fastest-growing areas in the country.

Over the past several years, the recovery has been notable, albeit a bit slower than many local real estate experts expected. Beginning in late 2012, the market has rebounded in a big way with sales steadily increasing and much of the new home construction that was planned before the bust resuming thanks to both custom home builders and national development companies.

While future development is expected to be more modest and measured than in the past, many are bullish on the prospects of growth in the housing market — not to mention the tourism and restaurant industries — thanks to a variety of property types, affordable prices, and continued interest from retirees looking to relocate near the mountains.

Relocating to Estes Park

Before you begin searching for real estate, anyone thinking of relocating to the Estes Park area should do their research and study the many different areas of the county.

Though the term “Estes Park” is used to describe the entire real estate market, there are many attractive areas such as Storm Mountain, Pinewood Springs, Glen Haven, the canyons, Little Valley and Allenspark which make up the 60-mile stretch known to locals as “Estes Valley.” In fact, locals referred to the region as “Estes”.

Each of these communities offers various advantages including different school systems, price ranges, and amenities including their proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, restaurants, downtown Estes, attractions, and hotels for your visitors to stay in. So before you dive into buying a vacation home or property, make sure you study the market.

Here are some additional tips on buying from one of the area’s top real estate agents, Dan Derman.

Real Estate Hot Spots in Estes

There are tons of great places for buying real estate in Estes Park, however, there are a few areas of Estes Valley that are truly booming in regard to housing. Communities such as Little Valley — located just south of Estes Park’s Peak to Peak Highway off Fish Creek Road — have grown significantly over the past decade.

With new developments such as the Fish Hatchery Housing Project and Mary’s Lake Expansion (hopefully) continuing to build, this area of town is a hotspot for families and retirees alike.

There is little raw land left for development — In fact, this is the case for most of the Rockies. Here, housing areas that were planned for before the housing bubble are sprouting up like wildfire in a variety of styles including cabins, townhomes, modern smart houses, single-family homes, and retirement communities.

If you’re willing to venture out into Larimer County a bit, you’ll also find multiple communities selling well out in Pinewood Springs — about 20 east of Estes Park — due to the entry-level price points and Allenspark, 15 minutes south of Estes Park.

Things to Consider

There are tons of factors to consider when buying a home in a new area including taxes, climate, crime rates, HOA fees, etc. Here are some items you may want to look into before buying a home in  Estes Park:


  1. Property taxes: Make sure you understand how property taxes are calculated and handled in Colorado. There are a lot of new owners that pay more taxes than they should during their first year of ownership because they are unaware that it is your responsibility to inform the Larimer County Tax Assessor’s office of your occupancy status. You will pay fewer taxes if this is your primary home than if it’s a second home or vacation rental investment.


  1. Closings: In Colorado, all real estate closings must be handled by a real estate title company. Make sure you have a proper agent lined up to help you handle this part of the process.


  1. HOAs: Many of the neighborhoods and subdivisions in the Estes Park area are governed by Homeowners Associations (aka HOAs). In fact, there are +200 HOAs some are free others paid, some organized others unorganized. Make sure you know what the HOA fees are on your new home, what they cover in regard to insurance and amenities, and how that fits into your budget. Get more tips from a local expert in the area, real estate agent Dan Derman.

Living in the Rockies

For many looking to relocate to Estes Park, the draw of living here is a chance to live near the Rocky Mountain National Park. If you’re thinking of purchasing a mountain view property that are some additional things you’ll want to consider before you buy:


  1. Look beyond the house: Make sure you consider the entire property when you buy. Even if you find the perfect house, it won’t become your “dream home” if the view’s not great, the road access isn’t right or your yard’s privacy is intruded upon by nearby wildlife.


  1. Know your insurance: One of the disadvantages of living in the Rockies is that you may be required to carry fire or flood insurance policies in addition to your homeowner’s insurance. In Estes Park, we recommend asking your Estes Park real estate agent which areas require which types of insurance. Do your research before you buy.


  1. Make sure it’s weather-proof: Owning a piece of the Rockies is fantastic but can be troublesome if your property isn’t properly equipped with weatherproofing measures like wind shutters and plowable driveway and front door access. Some HOAs have stringent rules about what must be done to protect homes from the weather, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Cabins For Sale in Estes Park

StoneBrook on Fall River


Nicky’s Resort


Brynwood on the River


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Triple R Cottages


The Ridgeline Hotel Estes Park


Sunnyside Knoll Resort


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Frequently Asked Questions about Estes Park Real Estate

Estes Park is small and it only takes 5-10 minutes to get to where you’re going. It really doesn’t matter all that much.

There are so many options; from living on the golf course to something more secluded in the trees.

It depends too on how much work you want to do in the winter/spring. 

Carriage Hills – no doubt about it.

These three rentals are at the heart of downtown Estes. You can’t go wrong with Windcliff, Little Valley or Fox Ridge Estates. See the complete list of downtown vacation rentals in Estes Park.

New builds will run you about $450 per sq ft. Not including the land. Remodels depending on fixtures are close to $175 per sq ft.

On you’re able to rent a house directly from the homeowners. It’s the only locally managed booking engine servicing the entire Estes Valley.

See our complete list of houses for rent in Estes Park here.

Cabins within the park are not for sale. They maybe transferable between heirs of a family or estate. However, there are a few seasonal rentals in Rocky Mountain National Park.

See our map results for listings near the Fall River Entrance and Beaver Meadows Entrance.

5,880 (2021) people reside in Estes Park.

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