Message from the Mayor: Let the holiday celebrations begin

Under the festive lights, Frosty and his partner do somefancy dancing in the fresh snow. (Wendy Koenig/Courtesy photo)

Amidst the holiday decorations, lovely lights and joyous celebrations that now permeate our beloved Estes Park, I have a simple, uncharacteristically brief wish for you. May the promise of the season grab hold of you and not let go. May the love of someone special touch your soul. And may the spirit of this season that brightens your life, brighten the lives of all whom you encounter.

With the countdown completed, lights turned on andresponsibilities fulfilled, Mayor Koenig hands holidayduties over to Santa and Mrs. Claus. (Wendy Koenig/Courtesy photo)

As for brightening the lives of others, you’ve certainly illuminated mine through your gift of having me be your Mayor. I certainly do cherish that gift. That’s why through my actions, thoughts and presence I strive to bring honor to the gift you’ve given me.

Lastly, before signing off, there are two things I want to say. First, to my dear husband Roger, a great big thank you for the many ways you support me as I fulfill the mayoral duties the townspeople of Estes Park have gifted me. And, to one and all, who live, work or visit here…happy holidays.

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Pep loves Estes Park, he lives here with his family and hopes to bring people to Estes Park and Estes Park to the people. Along with his wife Paige, they own

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