Lessons from my veteran grandfather

Hard work, dedication, showing up every day and serving the customers in their community. All this was done without complaint as this was what was expected to provide services to a community that supported them while serving their country. These are a few of the basic lessons that I learned from my grandfather from his business career in Luverne, Minn.

My grandfather, Lloyd Herried, and his four brothers served in WWII. My grandfather served in the Navy and his brothers served in the Army. When returning back to Luverne, he operated a small tailor business. He did his job so well that when he moved to another profession, he still had many local businessmen come to him to tailor their suits. Through his military service and business life he always maintained a high standard of service not only to his customers but also to his family. There was a self- determination that if a job needed to be completed you figured it out, you did it correctly and on time. He understood budgets and that meant to live within his means so that he could save for any unexpected events. He never over extended his budget. This was how many in that generation succeeded.

Many of these common money skills he learned at a young age was expected to be a responsible adult. There was no braggadocio but a humble and quietly confidence. It was only about walking the walk. For that generation, the “Greatest Generation,” their actions spoke volumes about their character.

I see many of these similar characteristics in today’s Veterans that have built successful businesses. These may be simple lessons but lessons we should not take for granted. Learn how to manage your personal budget, learn how to invest wisely and learn from those that have been successful in managing and creating wealth through their lifetime.

On this Veterans Day we talk our hat off to those that have blazed a trail of success for others to follow.

Rich Flanery is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and an Investment Adviser Representative. NMLS #256117. Branch location, 600 S. Saint Vrain Ave. #4, Estes Park, CO 80517. To see full article you can access at www.rockymountainlender.com.

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