Enjoy “Through the Artist’s Lens” at the Art Center

New Exhibits Opening

“Colossal and Intimate: Nature, Abstraction, Imagination Through the Artist’s Lens” featuring the  photography of Artist Member Laura Davis is now open.

“Beauty is hidden in plain sight. My work is a joyful interpretation of the divine details which surround us. Reflections in dewdrops, peeling paint, beetle paths, wood grain, and patterns in natural or human-made structures are captured and highlighted by my lens.” (Laura Davis, Artist Statement)

She sees the abstraction which surrounds us, in exquisite compositions, with symmetrical or asymmetrical balance, fractal patterns, spirals, and flower petals following Fibonacci sequence, Sacred Geometry, and the Golden Ratio.

The act of creating leads to stories: beetle’s lairs, walls, and creative practice, The Beetle’s Way. Biophilic collage, tangled with Celtic knots. Mirrored photographs become mandalas. Compositions are created by the simple act of framing, or by detailed, organic journeys through line, shape, form, color, and texture.

THe “Special Holiday Exhibit” features the photography of Founding Artist James Frank and Invited Artist Lydia Pellow, potter. (Art Center/Courtesy photo)

“Special Holiday Exhibit” featuring the photography of Founding Artist James Frank and Invited Artist Lydia Pellow, potter

Being from northern Ohio and growing up along the banks of Rocky River, I became familiar in my early years with forest, stream, and things wild, all cultivating a love of the outdoors and a passion for all things in nature. Little did I know that the river I often frequented would be linked by namesake to the mountains I roamed later in life.

After a single visit the decision to move to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains was easy. The journey was made in 1978 when Estes Park became my home for what now amounts to more than 40 years. I met and married my wife, Tamara, near the alluvial fan in Rocky Mountain National Park in September of 1988. In the mid-1990s we adopted our daughter Claire. Family and a home in these sacred mountains are more than I’d ever dreamed they would be.

Lydia Pellow has been making pottery for 46 years. (Art Center/Courtesy photo)

Lydia Pellow has been making pottery for 46 years. She mostly creates functional pottery, pieces to use everyday. Her pots are high fired porcelain and stoneware. They are very durable and intricately decorated and glazed with multiple glazes on each piece. Each piece is unique and doing this keeps her work fresh and exciting. She has recently started making her own decals with famous people, quotes, positive messages and nature then firing them on the piece. Her one-of-a-kind pottery is sure to make a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend.

Also on display in the gallery are the outstanding work of the other Art Center artist members, including other works in oil painting, watercolor, pastel, jewelry, ceramics, charcoal, graphite, glass, wood, sculpture, fiber, photography, printmaking and mixed media.

Door Prize Winner

Congratulations to Paul Green, the winner of the Opening Weekend Door Prize donated by Laura Davis.

The Art Center is open Friday through Monday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Call For Entries

“The Magic of Masks” – Some Mardi Gras Fun in Estes Park

The Art Center of Estes Park would like to invite you to participate in our community mask challenge! All you need to do is pick-up your 8”x10” canvas and create a mask that will fit on that canvas. Entry fee $20. Only one canvas per person.

Winter is coming and this is a great time to engage your creativity and share your results for Mardi Gras fun in February! Limited number of canvases are available!

• Any age 5 to 105 can enter.

• All masks must be for sale …range $20 to $150. You’ll receive 60% of the sales price.

• Each canvas will come pre-drilled with wire and hooks for hanging, you can choose your preference horizontal or vertical orientation. Title card/price form taped to back of canvas.

• Any media is fine- 2D painting, collage, or 3D… as long as it fits on the canvas and can be hung on the wall. Just be certain that any dangling ribbons, feathers etc. do not extend more than 1” off the canvas.

• Exhibit: Saturday, February 18 to March 13, 2023

• Opening Reception: Saturday, February 18, 2-4pm

• Completed Masks delivered by February 11,12,13, 2023 (Sat-Mon) with completed Title Card/Price Form.

• Prizes will be Awarded!

• Entry form and canvas can be pick-up daily. Open Friday-Monday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

• Limited number of canvases available

Satellite Exhibits

A new exhibit is now on display at the Estes Park Health featuring Pat Greenberg and Diane Visinstainer. VERT and Snowy Peaks Winery has a number of Art Center artists on display. John Long is on exhibit at US Bank.

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