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First-Hand Experience Cycling & Mountain Biking in Estes Park

Colorado is known as one of the top ten destinations for mountain biking in the country. Each year the cycling and mountain biking community continues to grow. Mountain biking is a sport requiring riding bicycles off-road. Normally over rough terrain and rocks. Cycling is also a sport of riding bicycles. Normally in forms of road … Read more

Hermit Park: The Enthusiast’ Hidden Gem

Located in South East Estes Park is 1,362 acres of nature and wildlife. Hermit Park Open Space is home to a lush forest of pine and wetland meadows. Up until 1967 the park was once a cattle ranch. After that, it became a private retreat area for a company that bought it out. Eventually Larimer … Read more

Longs Peak: The capstone, keyhole, and diamond of Estes Park

Colorado is infamous for being the home of fifty-eight 14ers. A 14er is when the peak of a mountain sits at or above 14,000 feet. Hikers flock to these peaks and around 500,000 people summit them each year. Within these fifty-eight, there are some mountains ranked as easy. Others can be rated as extremely difficult. … Read more

Photography Safaris & Nature Classes

Estes Park, Colorado is a photographer’s paradise. The scenery of the Rocky Mountains goes on for miles. Surrounded by vibrant aspens and pine trees. Wildlife often walk the streets, including the infamous Moose. Wildflowers bloom in the late spring into early summer. Snowy mountain peaks create a winter wonderland in the colder months. No matter … Read more