BREAKING – Marchman passes incumbent Woodward in Senate District 15 race

The following are key-unofficial Midterm election results for residents of the Estes Valley and Larimer County – released by Larimer County officials at 9:33 p.m. State-wide election numbers throughout these updates were found at

Estes Park Local Marketing District Ballot Issue 6E

The approval votes continue to build on the already passed Ballot Initiative 6E – going from 2,649 to 3,045 and widening the gap between approval and disapproval by another 158 votes.

As many know, this ballot issue concerned the 3.5% Lodging Tax extension throughout the Estes Park Marketing District with generated revenue to be used toward the workforce housing and childcare issues throughout the valley.

Governor/Lieutenant Governor

The lead in Larimer County for Governor elect Jared Polis continues to stretch over Ganahl going from just over 27,000 to nearly 30,000. Polis’s margin percentage across the state dropped just 0.2% but still sits at over 58%.

United States Senator

U.S. Senator elect Michael Bennet’s numbers continue to climb from last update’s 885,000 to nearly 946,000 . Bennet received over 68,182 votes in Larimer County verses Republican O’Dea’s 44,749. Bennet’s lead margin percentage in across Colorado have dropped just 0.2% since the last update.

Representative to the 118th United States Congress – District 2

Since being voted into his 3rd term, Joe Neguse’s vote numbers have bumped to 47,469 throughout Larimer County verses Republican Dawnson’s 24,326. throughout the state of Colorado – 70.5% of the vote. Polis’s percentage margin across the state has dropped 0.2%.

Secretary of State

Democratic incumbent Jena Griswold has officially been re elected for the Secretary of State position after gaining 58% of the vote over her Republican candidate Anderson. Griswold’s votes throughout Larimer County jumped to 67,912 votes verses Anderson’s 45,290.

State Senator – District 15

Republican incumbent Rob Woodward has been passed by his candidate Janice Marchman. In the latest report, Marchmnan’s vote numbers have reached 29,832 verses Woodward’s 27,386. This has given Marchman 52% of the vote with time left on the clock.

State Representative – District 49

State Rep. incumbent Judy Amabile’s lead has increased by a slight 31 votes since the last update, but the race still remains at a razor thin 0.001% heading  into the final counts.




Updates on results will continue to be updated at 11:30 p.m. tonight, with official – final results coming tomorrow (Nov. 9) morning.


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